Best Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure

If you are searching for a luxurious bathroom addition, a handheld showerhead should be your first item of consideration. The best handheld shower head for pleasure provides a spa-like experience and adds great functionality when taking that much-needed relaxing shower.

A great showerhead brings forth a lot of flexibility in the bathroom and is highly efficient in cleaning all your body parts. Besides, it slowly massages the sore muscles and common body aches, which aids body healing and relaxation.

Nearly all showerheads are designed for easy installation and use, making them a perfect choice for any home with early rising kids or pets. However, handheld showerheads come in various finishes that may make it overwhelming to pick the best option. Nonetheless, you should go for a unit that complements your already installed shower setup.

To ease your search, the guide below outlines some important factors to consider when shopping for the best high-pressure handheld shower head alongside reviews of some of the best models available on the market.

Best Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure: Reviews


BrandProduct NameEditor's PickPriceRating
ShowerMaxx Handheld ShowerheadBest Overall$$4.5
Moen 26100 Spray Handheld ShowerheadBest Runner-Up$$4.6
Delta Faucet In2ition Handheld ShowerheadBest For Both Hand Shower And Shower Head$$$$4.3
Waterpik High-Pressure Handheld ShowerheadBest For Luxurious Nurturing$$$4.4
AquaDance High-Pressure Rainfall Shower ComboBest Budget$4.4
*Ratings courtesy of Amazon at the time of publication and can change!

#1: Best Overall: ShowerMaxx Handheld Showerhead

If you are on the market for a nicely designed showerhead with unmatched functionality and high-end workmanship, the ShowerMaxx Handheld Showerhead should be your product of choice. What stands out is the silicone nozzles that are precision engineered for easy self-cleaning and clogging-proof. Users can also easily remove the water flow restrictor to increase water flow if necessary.

Overall, the unit is made of high-quality materials. It has a 70-inch hose made from stainless steel and can stretch to 80 inches. It also has a mesh sand filter that comes in handy in filtering out any sediments in the flowing water. Installation is pretty simple as the package comes with a step-by-step guide that amateur users can follow.

The ShowerMaxx Handheld Showerhead comes with six spray settings that you can alter to suit your intended bathing experience. The settings include the high-pressure setting, power massage, light mist setting, high pressure with shampoo spray, high-pressure and power massage, and the water saver trickle settings.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Showermax SPA Series
  • Multiple settings, including power spray
  • Pre-installed Flow Restrictor with Precisely Engineered Nozzles
  • Lifetime Warranty for Peace Of Mind
  • Stretchable water hose
  • Six functional spray settings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wears out after continuous use

#2: Best Runner-Up: Moen 26100 Spray Handheld Showerhead

If you are searching for a versatile handheld shower head for pleasure, the Moen 26100 Spray Handheld Showerhead should be your product of choice. This model’s construction and design were inspired by various patterns on the market making it unique and distinctive. It is also versatile to match both modern and traditional bathroom decors.

The unit boasts of a high-quality material construction with a chrome finish. This gives its surface a mirror-like finish with a highly reflective surface, making the shower head not only look stylish but brings more elegance and beauty to your bathroom. What’s more, the hose is made from a kink-free material. It also uses a Magnetix docking system, which is probably the most secure system on the market. The showerhead snaps into the dock by moving it near the magnetic dock.

Users can select one of the six available spray patterns when showering, including wide coverage, relaxing massage, soothing massage, massage, rinse, and downpour. Lastly, like other units, it comes with incredible water efficiency and eco-friendliness. It allows a maximum water flow of 2.5GPM from all spray options. This ensures that water flow is conserved exactly as the user desires.

Key Features:

  • Spot-resistant Nickel Finish
  • Magnetic Docking System
  • Multiple Distinct Shower Settings for Easy Customization
  • ADA Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Magnetic docking system
  • Six spray functions
  • Versatile
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Average water pressure

#3: Best for Both Hand shower and Shower Head: Delta Faucet In2ition Handheld Showerhead

The Delta Faucet In2ition Handheld Showerhead is another adequately designed and constructed unit with a wide range of styles and innovations. Installation is also straightforward and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes since no specialized tools are required.

It comes with a detachable hand shower that can be used separately or with the showerhead. This feature gives it a dual-functionality for more flexibility and versatility. Like the Moen 26100 Spray Handheld Showerhead, this unit is made of high-quality materials. It has a chrome finish that gives it an innate versatility and high gloss.

The chrome finish and bright white and crisp lines along the showerhead give it a modern and bold contrast. However, it can still combine well with traditional bathroom settings and vintage styles. The material also makes it very durable.

Its spray patterns have a potent and steady full-body spray that provides powerful streams that satisfy everybody’s shower needs. The jets can also help in massaging tired and sore muscles. Unlike other units with six spray patterns, it has four spray patterns: full body spray, fast massaging spray, pause, and whole-body spray with a massage.

Key Features:

  • 3X More Coverage
  • Shower Head and Hand Shower in One Unit
  • Safe Magnetic Docking
  • 5 Powerful Spray Options
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Dual functionality
  • Pause settings conserve water
  • Chrome finish
  • Water restrictor lowers water pressure

#4: Best for Luxurious Nurturing: Waterpik High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead

The Waterpik High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead was constructed to cater to your body, hair, and mind. The unit makes it easy to rinse various hair shampoos from the hair without causing any harm. It somehow acts as a natural water comb and offers water scalp massage by relieving tense muscles. It prides on its rain showerhead and handheld shower wand for luxurious nurturing to your hair, body, and mind.

The unit comes with an 8-foot water hose made from metal, which is quite strong and durable. Installing the unit is very easy and takes just a few minutes. Its best feature is probably the seven spray modes, which sets it apart from other products on this list.

Four of these settings are related to rain showerhead, while three are linked with the handheld shower wand. The four settings include the Power Spray, Power massage, full-body rain, and bliss mist.

Through the shower wand, the settings include the powerbomb, soft comb, and gentle rinse.
The Waterpik High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead has a 3-way diverter that allows users to easily choose between the handheld shower wand, rain shower head, or both simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • Body Wand Comes With a Handheld Shower Wand
  • The Contoured Shower Wand Penetrates Deeper to Revitalize the Scalp
  • The Large 6-Inch Rain Shower with 4 Modes
  • 3-Way Diverter For Flexibility
  • Installs in Minutes through DIY
  • Two in one dual functionality
  • 8-foot hose
  • Seven spray patterns
  • Has some little squeaks

#5: Best Budget Handheld Shower Head: AquaDance High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Combo

If you’re looking for the best budget handheld showerhead, then the AquaDance High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Combo is among the few units with a 3-way system at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

The unit itself has six spray settings. However, the 3-way diverter valve allows users to use each showerhead separately or simultaneously. What’s more, the change can be effected using a click-lever dial.

The unit comes with a 7-inch rain showerhead and 4-inch face handheld showerhead with a hose, washers, instruction guide, and Teflon tape.
The AquaDance shower head has a chrome finishing, which gives it a high gloss and reflective shine that suits contemporary bathroom styles. It has rub-clean jets that enable the system to stay clean and lime-free as well.

Like other best units, it features six spray settings, including the power rain, power mist, rain massage, pause mode, and pulsating massage. The pause mode saves a lot of water if you are lathering or shaving.

The 3-way diverter allows users to switch between the two showerheads easily. It also has an anti-swivel position lock nut that secures the switch.

Key Features:

  • Huge 7-inch Face for drenching flow coverage
  • Premium matching style hand shower
  • 6 Settings: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Rain Mist, Water Saving Pause, Power Mist, Rain Massage
  • Easy tool-free connection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable, stainless steel make
  • Water-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Seemingly plastic make

#6: Best for High Pressure Shower: G-Promise High-Pressure Showerhead

The G-Promise High-Pressure Showerhead is a metal-constructed showerhead with great functionality. The unit is straightforward to install – a simple wrench can complete its installation. The installation instructions are simple, well-illustrated, and easy to comprehend.

The showerhead is constructed from sturdy metal and engineering-grade ABS. It comes with a unique bracket holder made from solid brass to limit water entry through the adjustable ball connector. The mount’s metal construction assures that users won’t have to worry about the mount breaking down. It can also support the weight of the showerhead fully and keep it steady.

Like any other high-end handheld showerhead, the G-Promise High-Pressure Showerhead has six spray patterns. Five of these modes are directly related to showering, while one is a water-saving trickle mode. The five patterns include circular massage, power massage, rainfall, circular massage plus rainfall, and power massage plus rainfall. With these settings, you can be sure of a pleasurable bathing experience.

Key Features:

  • Solid Metal Bracket Holder
  • Long Flexible 304 Stainless Steel Hose
  • Multifunctional ABS Plastic Shower
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Six shower modes
  • Water-saving feature
  • 10-year warranty
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Average quality washers

#7: Best for Full-body Spray: Methven AIO Handheld Showerhead

The Methven AIO Handheld Showerhead is probably the best handheld shower head for pleasure as it’s created to bring forth a fantastic showering experience. Methven is a renowned company that has been producing innovative showerhead designs for quite some time. What stands out from this model is the Aurajet technology that delivers a robust and full-bodied spray while maximizing body contact.

Unlike what most people expect, the unit’s construction doesn’t feature any metal. It is crafted from aerospace polymers, which exhibit better water temperature balance and high limescale resistance than other materials. The polymer is also lightweight, making the showerhead perfect for the elderly and those with weak hands.

The Aurajet spray technology is highly advanced and invigorates an amazing showering experience. The showerhead’s shape is a unique halo-shape that further adds to the spraying power of the unit. It delivers water with twice coverage compared to traditional showerheads.

The Methven AIO Handheld Showerhead is also optimized for maximum water efficiency. However, this doesn’t mean that it lowers the luxurious spraying performance. It can be used in both low and high-pressure water, thanks to its quick-fit connector.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Wide Coverage
  • Powerful Spray Force
  • Water Efficient
  • No Metal Used
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Patented Aurajet technology
  • Very lightweight
  • Great material construction
  • Water-efficient and eco-friendly
  • The polymer construction resembles plastic

8: Best for Extra Long Hose: G-Promise Oil-Rubbed High-Pressure Showerhead

The G-Promise Oil-Rubbed High-Pressure Showerhead is another multifunctional showerhead that provides priceless massage while saving water bills. It comes with a 360-degree rotating hose, eliminating worries of tangling and winding. The hose can stretch from 63 inches to 75 inches for maximum reach.

Both the showerhead and the hose are made from a high-quality metal material that assures long-lasting use. The shower bracket holder is made from solid brass, while the hose is made from stainless steel, making it overly flexible. This allows for easy showering by adults, kids, seniors, and even pets.

You will like the six spray patterns from this unit for their unlimited versatility. The patterns include rainfall, circular massage, power massage, rainfall plus circular massage, rainfall plus power massage, and water save trickle modes. The first five patterns enable users to enjoy the best shower experiences, while the water-saving trickle mode helps save water while lathering, shaving, or applying shampoo.

Another great feature of the G-Promise Oil-Rubbed High-Pressure Showerhead is that it is water efficient and eco-friendly. The unit is water efficient through the water save trickle pattern that conserves water when users are engaged in other tasks that don’t require a lot of water.

Key Features:

  • Solid Metal Bracket Holder
  • Long Flexible 304 Stainless Steel Hose
  • Multifunctional ABS Plastic Shower
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Durable construction
  • 10-year warranty
  • Six spray functions
  • Quite noisy

#9: Best for Water Saving: Speakman VS-3010-MB Handheld Showerhead

The Speakman VS-3010-MB Handheld Showerhead has a construction that brings more value than aesthetics. The crafting of this unit involves expert engineering to give users a luxurious and high-quality showering experience. It comes with a patented plunger technology that enhances water intensity. This enables it to maintain the best level of spray performance even with a low-pressure water supply.

The product is made from lightweight plastic that has been engineered to withstand harsh conditions. The plastic has a corrosion-resistant finish that ascertains durability. Installing the system is also very easy and takes a few minutes. The showerhead has a circular shape that seems quite traditional but comes with modern hard edges. It also features self-cleaning plungers that prevent the build-up of sediments when used with hard water.

The Speakman VS-3010-MB Handheld Showerhead has an Anystream 360° spray system that can conveniently transition between various spray settings. The intense spray setting delivers a powerful and sensual bathing experience while the massage settings relieve sore or tight muscles. A combination of intense and massage spray brings the best of both worlds to the user for a rejuvenating bath experience.

Key Features:

  • Spray Adjusting Stream Technology
  • Equipped With More Than 50 Individual Sprays
  • Clean, Modern Design
  • Water Sense certified 2. 0 Gpm flow rate
  • Corrosion-resistant Matte Black finish
  • Limited lifetime
  • High-quality plastic make
  • Patented spray technology
  • Unique self-cleaning system
  • Quite large for a handheld unit

#10: Best Eco-friendly Choice: Moen 26100 Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

The Moen 26100 Magnetix Handheld Showerhead is one of the best handheld showerheads from Moen. Like other follow-up products from other manufacturers, it was designed with inspiration from other existing models. Its best feature is the magnetic docking system that locks the showerhead immediately it is brought closer to the docking system.

The product is made from high-quality, long-lasting materials. It has a chrome finish, which is glossy and reflective. The finish additionally makes it possible for the unit to blend with both modern and contemporary bathrooms. It has six spray settings that enable users to enjoy various bath types based on prevailing moods.

The Moen 26100 Magnetix Handheld Showerhead also puts environmental consciousness at the forefront. It complies with WaterSense regulations, thanks to its innovative design that improves water efficiency. It works great at conserving water at home while delivering an incredible bathing experience.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Base
  • Versatile Design
  • Multiple Distinct Shower Setting
  • ADA Compliant
  • Built to Last and Backed By a Lifetime Warranty
  • High-quality construction
  • Glossy chrome finish
  • Water-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Plastic make may not suit everyone

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure

If you are not well versed with handheld shower heads, you should consider several factors to help you find the right product. But first, not everyone is an ideal candidate for a handheld shower head. So, why should you invest in one?

Who Should Buy a Shower Head?

Handheld shower heads are an important addition to anybody’s bathroom. However, these versatile bathroom fixtures make more sense in the following situations:

1: Spray Massaging

Handheld showerheads are very useful for any person who wants to enjoy spray massage, especially if they have sore muscles. Most modern handheld showerheads come with special settings that switch functionality from a simple spray mode to a powerful massage spray mode. Once switched to this functionality, users can hold the unit over the specific part of the body that requires massage for an enthralling massage experience.

2: Longer Reach

As you may already know, fixed showerheads don’t provide an extensive reach compared to handheld showerheads. The best handheld showerheads have at least 5ft hoses that enable users to spray water to any target area. If you feel the 5ft hose isn’t long enough, you can go for a shower head with 8ft for a more extended reach. Note that most units provide high pressures even when held at 5 or 8ft distances.

3: Low Water Pressure Bathrooms

If your shower experiences insufficient water pressure, consider investing in a handheld showerhead. Note that you won’t enjoy the cleanliness that comes with an effective pressured shower head if your water source has very low pressure. However, with a handheld showerhead, you can bring the shower head closer to the body part for a better clean, even with low pressure.

4: Showering Kids And the Elderly

If you have to shower your kids or very elderly persons, a handheld showerhead can be of great help. For sure, it can be very challenging to give another persona a proper shower with a fixed showerhead. You will as well subsequently wet yourself during the process. However, with a handheld showerhead, it becomes easier to wash a kid or any other person.

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5: Showering Pets

Just like showering kids and the elderly, pets are equally difficult or perhaps harder to handle when showering. You will certainly get wet when trying to shower dogs with a fixed shower head. Dogs, for instance, require frequent bathing, which can be a tough hassle and time-consuming. But using handheld showerheads makes the entire process simple.

6: Makes It Easier To Clean a Bathroom

The bathroom is among the most challenging rooms to clean when conducting a thorough home cleaning exercise, especially if your toilet has developed stubborn stains. It is probably why most people clean their bathrooms only on special occasions. However, you can ease this task with the help of a handheld showerhead. You can simply spread the cleaning liquid around the bathroom floor and wall and use a handheld showerhead to spray the entire room with water. A handheld showerhead also makes it easier to clean tiny crevices such as push buttons or flush handles by simply applying high water pressure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure

Some of the key considerations to make when shopping for the best handheld shower head for pleasure include:

1: Construction

Different handheld showerheads are made from various materials. The materials may include brass, chrome, aluminum, ABS plastic, and an alloy of two materials or more. Note that different materials have different costs. Materials also play a crucial role in determining the sturdiness and durability of a handheld shower head.

Whereas some materials such as ABS plastic make lightweight showerheads that are safe to handle, other materials such as brass and chrome make heavy showerheads. There are other variances in showerheads depending on the material make, with other materials contributing to a luxurious look of the accessory. That said, think critically about the type of shower you want to enjoy and the material that will best suit your needs.

2: Spray Pattern

The shower’s pray pattern is certainly a no-brainer. The best high-pressure shower head should feature several spray nozzle patterns to provide an incredible showering experience. The best handheld showerheads have different settings with an easy adjustment procedure. The intensity of water flow depends on the spray mode pre-selected. This makes it necessary to experiment with various spray patterns before deciding on one that suits your bathing style.

Natural Rain Shower

That said, some of the common spray patterns that showerheads should have include:

  • Wide – as the name suggests, this pattern provides a wide flow of water at a constant velocity. Each nozzle on the showerhead allows for water flow at high pressure for better body cleansing. This high pressure is what prevents the nozzles from clogging.
  • Pulsating – pulsating spray pattern is an effective setting that shoots water in an alternating pattern, giving the body some form of massage. This spray pattern lessens muscle pain.
  • Rinse – similarly, this spray pattern pours water from a central nozzle that drenches the body. It is best for rinsing soap from the body.
  • Rain massage – rain massage spray pattern provides a natural rainfall feeling. It delivers water in the form of raindrops to cleanse your body. The rainfall massage mode has some massaging effect and relieves muscle pain.
  • Targeted – this is another effective spray pattern that delivers water harder than standard shower patterns. For a high-pressure feel, water is delivered only from a few nozzles.

3: Installation

Like any other essential home equipment, a well-installed showerhead is a recipe for an enjoyable shower, while a poorly installed unit results in poor performance. You should as well settle for a handheld showerhead that is easy to install. To ascertain this, check the installation manual before making the purchase.

If you find that the handheld showerhead will likely take ages to install, consider employing the services of a professional plumber at a little extra cost. Nonetheless, it is prudent to purchase a unit that gives you full control. That way, you can install and remove the showerhead without infringing on your local plumbing codes.

4: Length of hose

Handheld showerheads are increasingly becoming popular due to their flexibility. Ensure that your model of choice has a long hose for more flexibility. This will enable you to move around the bathroom while bathing or washing your kids or pets. Generally, a showerhead with more than 5ft is preferable. Similarly, you should purchase a unit with a hose that easily connects with the handheld showerhead. Most high-end products come with the necessary items for assembly.

5: Docking mechanism

Checking on the docking mechanism is another essential aspect before making a purchase. Budget-friendly handheld showerheads come with a simple locking mechanism for users to put the showerhead once they are done showering. On the other hand, expensive models have a lock nut that tightens the showerhead in a specific position. Other models have magnetic lock nuts that make it easy to dock the unit.

Shower Head with A Docking Base

6: Water pressure

Are you aware of the water pressure level in your home tap systems? Well, you should begin your search by checking the water pressure level in your house. If your home water pressure level is low, go for a high-pressure handheld showerhead and vice versa. If you want to save water when using them, consider low-flow showerhead systems. Note that your budget also determines the perks that the showerhead will have.

7: Who Will Use the bathroom?

Who are the primary users of the handheld showerhead? Are they kids, teenagers, or adults? Adults can work with any handheld shower head system with ease. However, kids will require a lot of attention. Kids’ handheld showerheads should be simple to operate. Installing a rigid unit will make it difficult for them to handle, encouraging shoddy baths or frequent damages. To avoid such, consider who will use the bathroom and find the most convenient unit.

Therapeutic Spring Shower

8: Price

How much are you willing to spend on this beneficial bathroom add-on? The cost of various handheld showerheads varies depending on the model, brand, and individual features. Fortunately, you can easily find one that suits your budget, but remember that you get what you pay for.

Lower-priced models may not perform equally as high-priced units.
You should study the market profoundly and check various handheld showerheads at your disposal to help you find high-quality models available at an affordable price.

9: Showerhead design

Checking the showerhead design is another essential consideration. The shape of the showerhead significantly determines the amount of water delivery and pressure. Standard models have either round or square shapes with different shower diverter mechanisms. Overall, square-shaped showerheads are convenient for contemporary bathrooms and give gentle water spread. Go for a design that blends well with your bathroom vanity and the rest of your interior decor.

10: Slide bar

Handheld showerhead slide bars are additions that adjust the height of the showerhead. Models with slide bars are best for home use as you can easily adjust their heights to suit different family members. This feature also comes in handy for those who don’t want to get their hair wet during showers.

11: Ease of use

When searching for the best handheld shower head, you should also check how easy the unit is to use. In this case, the handles are of important consideration. Handles should be of ergonomic design to prevent the showerhead from slipping from your hand. It should also be of considerable thickness and a reliable texture for a firm grip.

Additionally, the unit should have strategically positioned safety straps to protect your hands from excessive strains. Such features are essential considerations, especially for arthritic and elderly persons.

Best Handheld Shower Head Brands

Getting to know the best brands is of immense importance when exploring handheld showerheads. Reliable brands offer quality products with satisfactory warranty policies. They also have reputable customer satisfaction, which is an important consideration when searching for the best product. That said, some of the best brands include:

  • DreamSpa
  • HotelSpa
  • ShowerMaxx
  • AquaDance

Wrap Up

Quick morning showers are important in boosting your energy levels and morale for the day. The quality of any shower often depends on the type of handheld shower in your bathroom. This is why finding the best handheld showerhead is essential for maximum pleasure and quality baths. To get a well-performing product, you should consider the various factors we’ve highlighted here. Check on the specifics of the products mentioned above to find the best unit that will suit your showering needs.


Are there handheld showerheads for people with weak hands?

Individuals with arthritis or any other condition that results in weak hands should get super light handheld shower heads. As mentioned in the buying guide, the material build of the showerhead determines its weight. The showerhead should as well have an ergonomic design with a reliable grip for easy use.

Is it necessary to have a professional install my handheld showerhead?

Handheld showerheads are available in different designs. Whereas some are easy to install and can be done by DIY enthusiasts, others are quite complex and require professional installation.

What is the estimated price of a good showerhead?

Unfortunately, there is no exact price point for handheld shower heads since they’re available in various designs, materials, and functionalities. Nonetheless, you can find one that suits your budget by checking the various models reviewed here.

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