Best Low-Profile Toilets for Space Saving

Low Profile Toilets

If you’re struggling with counter space constraints or finding your regular toilet uncomfortable for all family members, it could be due to wrong toilet height. Low profile toilets are designed to ensure the bowl and the seat are of the right height and width while minimizing the overall height of the toilet unit. This is typically … Read more

Toilets With No Plumbing: What Are My Option?

Toilets With No Plumbing

Wondering whether there are toilets without plumbing? You’ll be pleased to know there are a few options on the market. Whether you’re looking for a functional toilet system for a temporary situation or a sanitary unit for your off-grid home, a toilet without complex plumbing systems will make your life hassle-free. While most people are … Read more

Corner Toilet Rough In Dimensions

Corner Toilet Dimensions

As modern lifestyles shift towards minimalist living, small bathrooms are increasingly becoming common. If you’re not endowed with an ample barroom space, you may need to consider installing a corner toilet to free up room for a vanity or other crucial bathroom accessories. Understanding corner toilet rough-in dimensions will ensure that you eliminate the need to break … Read more

Best Budget Toilets Under $300

Best Budget Toilets Under $300

​There are so many models of great toilets with excellent reviews under the $300 price range to consider. An established toilet manufacturer focuses on designing an affordable piece that is stylish, effective, and efficient. The best budget toilet should allow you to handle your business without worrying about maintenance. However, with the dozens of great … Read more

How To Remove Toilet Bolt Caps Like A Pro

How To Remove Toilet Bolt Caps

The process of removing a toilet to fix a leak can seem like a daunting task that can only be handled by a skilled plumber. However, regardless of whether you want to fix a leak or replace your toilet, the entire process starts with removing the toilet bolt caps. These caps securely cover the bolts … Read more

Top 5 Tankless Floor Mounted Toilets in 2021

Tankless Floor Mounted Toilet

With more people trying to build or remodel their homes to save as much space and energy as possible, tankless floor-mounted toilets are becoming a popular option in residential bathrooms. Here is a brief description of the toilet for those curious about how it works.  Tankless toilets do not have tanks and are usually small, … Read more

No Touch Flush Toilets Reviewed: Best Automatic Units

Touchless Flush Toilets

Maintaining good hygiene standards in your washroom is of immense importance. Things are getting automated a lot these days with technological advancements, and toilet systems are not left behind. The best no touch flush toilets are equipped with a sensor on their tank to automate flushing.  The sensor automatically activates the flush mechanism once you wave your … Read more