Common Upflush Toilet Problems And Their Solutions

Common Upflush Toilet Problems And Their Solutions

Upflush toilets are increasingly becoming common in homes with basements or minimal space to install traditional bathrooms. These innovative toilets allow you to eliminate waste when flushing from below the sewer line. However, there are certain common upflush toilet problems that you need to learn how to deal with. For example, creating a macerating system … Read more

How To Install An Upflush Toilet in your basement Without Breaking Concrete

How To Install An Upflush Toilet

If you’re wondering how to install an upflush toilet in your basement without breaking concrete, this guide highlights the step by step approach to help you out. Unlike installing a traditional one-piece or two-piece toilet that involves breaking concrete floors, installing drain pipes, and pouring new concrete, an upflush toilet makes the process much easier. Instead of … Read more

One Piece Toilet Vs Two Piece Toilet

One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilet

Toilets are an integral component of any bathroom. Whether your old toilet is constantly malfunctioning or you’ve just decided to remodel your bathroom space, you’ll be faced with several options when shopping for a new toilet. Traditionally, toilet systems comprised of a tank and a bowl bolted together, and many models are still sold today. … Read more

best Hypo Allergenic Toilet paper for People with Sensitive Behinds

Hypo Allergenic Toilet Paper Reviews: Best for Sensitive Skin

Wondering why anyone would use hypo allergenic toilet paper? Trust me; many people out there are allergic to regular tissue papers. Regular toilet paper products incorporate harsh chemicals into their manufacturing process, which may cause allergies for people with sensitive skin. And, since we all respond to the call of nature, at least once or … Read more

How Does an Upflush Toilet Work?

How Does an Upflush Toilet Work

An upflush toilet is engineered to eliminate the need to install expensive plumbing systems. While the interior of an upflush toilet is hardworking machinery, the exterior is a fashionable complement to any bathroom decor. But how does an upflush toilet work? In this guide, we illustrate how upflush toilets function and why you may need … Read more

How to Replace A Toilet Flange and wax ring

How to Replace A Toilet Flange

The toilet flange is the circular component connecting your toilet to the bathroom floor and the drain pipe. Over time, this fitting becomes loose or worn out, and when this happens, many people find themselves pondering how to replace a toilet flange or whether it’s possible at all. Well, it’s possible to replace a toilet … Read more

Toilets for Small Spaces: Top Reviews

Best Compact Toilet for Small Bathrooms

Traditionally, toilets were similarly sized, with the only difference being the shape of the bowl (round or elongated). Nowadays, manufacturers have designed a wide range of toilet styles and sizes to meet various needs of customers. The best toilets for small spaces can make even the tiniest bathroom feel and look nice. These toilet designs … Read more

best one piece Comfort Height toilets

Best One-Piece Toilet

Looking for a new toilet for your home? You are in the right place. The process of shopping for a new toilet can be intense, and with the internet brimming with all kinds of options, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and end up with the wrong purchase. Fortunately, we can help you avoid that … Read more

Best Toilet Seat for a heavy person

Best Toilet Seat

The toilet is one of the most important accessories in a home. A house that doesn’t have a toilet is incomplete and completely unlivable. Also, toilets need to be clean and hygienic. Toilet seats help keep our bathrooms sanitary and enhance comfort when answering the call of nature regardless of your weight. If you’re shopping … Read more

What is A Waterless Composting Toilet and how does it Work

In a traditional household system, blackwater (wastewater from regular toilets) is combined with dirty water from showers, sinks, washing machines. etc. (grey water) and discharged to an on-site septic tank or the sewer. Typically, the end product is disposed of merely as waste, which could potentially degrade the environment.  That’s why composting toilets are increasingly … Read more

Best Composting Toilet for Caravans

Best Composting Toilet

As people continually embrace the idea of environmental conservation, a lot of effort has been directed towards reducing carbon emissions. At home, there is no better way of achieving this than using composting toilets. Unlike the standard sewer-connected toilet, the best composting toilet for caravans uses less power and water, with some not using electricity … Read more

Best Portable Camping toilet for a camper van

Nothing ruins the fun of an amazing camping or outdoor adventure like receiving the nature call and lacking access to a decent toilet. Fortunately, this is an issue of the past, thanks to the invention of portable camping toilets. The best portable camping toilet for a camper van enables avid campers and hikers to answer … Read more

Best Upflush Toilet for Basement

Best Upflush Toilet Review

If you are looking for a toilet that doesn’t require a lot of plumbing, consider purchasing and installing the best upflush toilet for basement. Otherwise referred to as a macerating toilet, this type of toilet functions entirely differently, with its pump directing waste upwards. To learn more about how this system functions, head over to … Read more