Best Composting Toilet Reviews

Best Composting Toilet

As people continually embrace the idea of environmental conservation, a lot of effort has been directed towards reducing carbon emissions. At home, there is no better way of achieving this than using composting toilets. Unlike the standard upflush toilet, the best composting toilet uses less power and water, with some not using electricity and water … Read more

Best Portable Potty for Camping

Nothing ruins the fun of an amazing camping or outdoor adventure like getting a nature call and lacking access to a toilet. Fortunately, this is an issue of the past, thanks to the invention of portable camping toilets. They enable avid campers and hikers to answer their calls of nature with utmost comfort. Portable potties … Read more

Best Upflush Toilet Review: Perfect Picks for Bathrooms Below the Sewer Line

Best Upflush Toilet Review

If you are looking for a toilet that doesn’t require a lot of plumbing, consider purchasing and installing an Upflush toilet. Otherwise referred to as a macerating toilet, this type of toilet functions entirely differently, with its pump directing waste upwards. To learn more about how this system functions, head over to our detailed blog … Read more