The 5 Best Large Toilets for Big and Heavy People

Extra large toilets are an indispensable utility in the lives of heavy people. If you consume three meals a day, it is quite normal to have a bowel movement at least once every day. As a result, your toilet should be comfortable and cozy enough for an optimal user experience. However, heavy individuals may experience challenges using standard toilets. Essentially, they need XL toilets to support their weight and accommodate their plus size. Also, oversized toilets are designed to be durable and less prone to breakages. This buying guide helps you uncover crucial information about the best oversized toilets for heavy people. 

Who Needs An Oversized Toilet?

You need an oversized toilet or extra wide toilet if you weigh at least 300 pounds. Even though extra-large toilets are not as common as standard toilets, the few oversized toilet models available in the market can withstand a weight of up to 800 pounds. Oversized toilets have a large surface area on the toilet seat, allowing heavy people to have an amazing user experience. Standard toilets are unsuitable for heavy people because individuals who fall in this weight category often find it cumbersome to use the toilets. Additionally, heavy people can damage standard toilets, particularly if the toilets do not have the required load-bearing capacity

Top Five Extra Large Toilets On the Market

If you are looking for a plus size toilet, you should note that these toilets have different load-bearing capabilities and features. This product review highlights the top-rated oversized toilets for heavy people plus a detailed buyers guide to help you make a more informed decision. 

1. Best Overall: American Standard 3641.001.020 Toilet

If you are in the market for the top-rated XL toilet in the market, this model is your best bet. Production tests show that the toilet can support at least 2,000 pounds. In addition, it has an elongated bowl to give heavy and overweight people optimal comfort during use. 

From the manufacturer’s perspective, the toilet suits the highest load-bearing needs. Most notably, the toilet is floor-mounted for extra stability, and the bowl’s thickness makes it considerably sturdy. Also, the American Standard toilet is made of Vitreous China material which has a significant load-bearing capacity. 

Outstanding Features

  • White in color.
  • Weighs 57 pounds
  • Made of Vitreous China material.
  • Measures 27.88 inches * 19 inches * 19.06 inches.
  • Has a flushometer valve. 
  • 12-inch rough-in.
  • 2-inch fully-glazed trap way. 
  • The toilet’s high load-bearing capacity ensures that even the heaviest people can use it.
  • The unit’s considerably large footprint makes it suitable for remodeling.
  • Using a flushometer valve instead of a cistern renders it unusable when there are water shortages.

2. Best Runner Up: KOHLER K-6999-96 Memoirs Classic Toilet

Are you looking for a sturdy, modern, and stylish extra large toilet? Then this Kohler toilet is your best choice. The toilet can support heavy people since it is floor-mounted and weighs approximately 110.44 pounds. In addition, its comfort height is ideal for heavy adults because it enables them to sit down and stand up with ease. 

The toilet has a raft of technologies and features that increase its appeal. One such feature is a piston canister that facilitates a 360 degrees water flow in the bowl. Essentially, the feature ensures that the flush is powerful and effective. 

Outstanding Features

  • Biscuit color.
  • Made of Vitreous China material.
  • Weighs 110.44 pounds.
  • Consumes 1.28 GPF. 
  • Elongated bowl shape. 
  • Gravity flush type. 
  • The toilet’s hidden trap-way makes it easier to clean and enhances its overall design and appearance.
  • The elongated bowl design improves the comfort of heavy people.
  • The toilet is relatively expensive.

3. Best Budget: KOHLER K-3987-RA-0 Wellworth Toilet

If you are operating on a tight budget and need a plus size toilet, this product is your best bet. The toilet is one of the most budget-friendly choices in the oversized toilets category. In addition, the unit has a sleek, stylish, and contemporary design that gives you value for money. 

The brand designed the toilet with your water conservation needs in mind. More specifically, the toilet incorporates dual flush technology that allows you to select between a full flush and a light flush. Notably, the full flush option dispenses 1.1 GPF while the light flush option discharges approximately 1.6 GPF. 

Outstanding Features

  • White in color. 
  • Made of Vitreous China material. 
  • Weighs roughly 86.3 pounds. 
  • Dual flush technology. 
  • Floor mounted.
  • The toilet’s dual flush technology allows for water conservation.
  • The unit’s floor mounting installation method makes it sturdy for heavy people.
  • Its white color blends with white bathroom interiors seamlessly.
  • Vitreous China material makes the toilet more durable.
  • The toilet’s two-piece configuration makes it more prone to leakages and breakages.

4. Best Two-Piece Toilet: KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Toilet

If you’re in the market for an XL toilet with a two-piece configuration, then this model is your best possible choice. The toilet’s two-piece design ensures that it is easy to ship and install. In addition, the unit is floor mounted, thus making it sturdy enough for use by heavy people. 

The toilet’s design and specifications also cater to your cleanliness and sanitation needs. Most notably, the toilet uses single-flush gravity to generate a robust siphon that eliminates even the most stubborn stains on the toilet bowl. In addition, the unit has a power canister that makes every flush powerful and effective. 

Outstanding Features

  • White in color. 
  • Measures 28.75 inches * 17.62 inches * 30.75 inches.
  • Made of Vitreous China material. 
  • Floor mounted. 
  • Consumes 1.28 GPF. 
  • Left-handed chrome lever. 
  • The toilet’s two-piece design makes it easier to carry around and install.
  • Its elongated bowl gives heavy people additional legroom and increased comfort.
  • The bowl’s comfort height allows heavy adults to sit down and stand up with relative ease.
  • The unit’s comparatively low water consumption allows for water conservation.
  • The toilet’s two-piece configuration makes it more vulnerable to breakages and leakages.

5. Best Tallest Toilet: 20-inch Extra Tall Convenient Height Toilet

If you are looking for a plus size toilet with the highest seat, this model is your best bet. It is worth noting that the toilet has an extra tall bowl of 20 inches and the distance from the floor to the top of the seat is 21 inches. Also, the unit comes with a slow-close seat. 

The toilet caters to your water conservation needs by incorporating dual-flush technology. Moreover, the technology’s light flush consumes 0.9 GPF, and the full flush consumes 1.28 GPF. Notably, the feature requires you to pull the lever up or down to select either of the two flush options. 

Outstanding Features

  • Made of ceramic material. 
  • Weighs 120 pounds. 
  • White in color. 
  • Measure 27 inches * 15 inches * 36 inches. 
  • Made of ceramic material. 
  • The toilet’s extra tall height allows tall, heavy individuals to stand up and sit with relative ease.
  • Its dual flush technology allows for water conservation.
  • The toilet’s considerable weight increases its stability.
  • The one-piece configuration makes the toilet less prone to leakages and breakages.
  • The toilet’s massive weight makes it challenging to ship and install.

Buying Guide for Oversized Toilets

Choosing the best oversized toilet for heavy people can be a painstaking and time-consuming process, particularly if you do not know the different specifications, features, and designs associated with various models. This buying guide essentially solves this problem by listing what you should look out for before purchasing an XL toilet.

Load Bearing Capacity

A toilet’s load-bearing capacity is a critical factor you should consider before purchasing a plus size toilet. Ideally, you should select extra large toilets with a load-bearing capacity exceeding 500 pounds because the average weight of the heaviest people in the world is estimated to be 300 pounds. It is worth noting that several factors influence a toilet’s load-bearing capabilities. One such factor is the installation method. For example, floor-mounted toilets have a higher load-bearing capacity than wall-mounted toilets. 

The second factor affecting a toilet’s load-bearing capacity is the materials used to make a toilet and the average thickness. Some of the strongest materials include Vitreous China, aluminum, and porcelain. On the other hand, toilets made of plastic are comparatively weak and cannot support heavy individuals. 

The third factor that impacts a toilet’s load-bearing capacity is the toilet’s net weight. Heavy units have higher stability than light units, and as a consequence, they can support a heavy individual. 

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a vital factor informing your buying decision for any toilet model, including plus size toilets. Notably, the abbreviation for a toilet’s water consumption is in gallons per flush (GPF). Most extra large toilets consume anywhere between 0.8 and 1.8 GPF. 

If you are conscious of the water consumption rate in your household, you understand that various technologies enhance a toilet’s water conservation capabilities. One such feature is dual flush technology. In essence, the technology has two flushing modes, namely, light and full flush. 

The light flush option dispenses a relatively lower amount of water and is suitable for flushing away liquid waste. Meanwhile, the full flush option discharges more water after every flush and is ideal for eliminating solid waste. Plus size toilets with dual flush technology allow you to switch between the two modes by either pushing a lever or pressing either one of the two buttons. 

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a toilet can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process, particularly when the bowl has sticky and stubborn stains. As such, the ease of cleaning an extra-large toilet is a vital factor you should consider before purchasing it. 

In principle, multiple features and specifications affect how easy or challenging it is to clean a toilet. One such factor is the finish used on the toilet. Most notably, bowls with a glossy finish are easier to clean because solid waste does not stick on glossy surfaces easily. Moreover, after flushing, the few stains can dislodge themselves after a simple scrub. 

The second factor influencing a toilet’s ease of cleaning is the cleaning technology embedded into the toilet. For instance, toilets with self-cleaning technologies are easier to clean because the automated process does the bulk of the work for you. In addition, a critical self-cleaning technology that is particularly desirable among consumers is the self-cleaning spray. The technology’s appeal emanates from its efficacy in eliminating sticky stains on the toilet bowl

Lastly, the flushing technology present in a plus size toilet influences how difficult or easy it is to clean your toilet. For example, toilets with the tornado flushing technology are easier to clean after a single flush because the powerful flush effectively dislodges stubborn stains that persist even after scrubbing. 

XL toilet with bidet seat
XL toilet with bidet seat


If you are looking for a plus size toilet, the unit’s comfort is an essential factor that informs your purchasing decision. Unfortunately, standard toilets do not offer heavy individuals the level of comfort they desire. As a result, the comfort of heavy people on XL toilets is paramount. 

Notably, there are wide-ranging features that enhance the comfort of heavy people on plus-size toilets. One such feature is an elongated bowl design. The design effectively accommodates the relatively larger bodies of heavy people and gives them an unmatched user experience. 

Another specification that impacts the comfort of heavy individuals on plus-size toilets is the bowl’s height. Notably, the bowl’s height falls into two distinct categories: the standard and comfort heights. Standard height toilet seats range from 14 inches to 15 inches. Meanwhile, comfort height toilet seats range from 17 inches to 19 inches. 

Standard height xl toilets are ideal for short heavy individuals, while comfort height extra-large toilets are apt for tall, heavy persons. Also, there are extra tall toilets that have a height of roughly 21 inches. Such toilets serve individuals who are extremely tall and heavy at the same time. 

Technologies Used

The technologies used by the manufacturer in a particular plus-size toilet model should inform your buying decision. It is worth noting that technology greatly enhances the user’s convenience. Moreover, the technologies embedded in a specific xl toilet directly influence the price of the toilet. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to weigh between your budget and the specific technologies you desire in your toilet. 

High-end extra-large toilets incorporate various technologies that greatly enhance the user experience. One such technology is the spray wash that cleans your butt after using the toilet. Additionally, the feature allows you to adjust the pressure and temperature of water to match your preferences. 

Another technology you might find on oversized toilets for heavy people is an air dryer. The feature ordinarily comes into effect after the spray wash and leaves you dry enough to put your clothes back on. Essentially, the technology enables you to adjust the air temperature with the simple touch of a capacitive button.

Power Consumption

If you are conscious about the power consumption in your household, the power consumption rate of a plus-size toilet is a critical factor you should consider before purchasing it. It is worth noting that the abbreviation for power consumption is a kilowatt-hour (Kwh). As such, you should check a toilet’s power consumption on the specifications section of the product page. You should also know that not all toilets have a power connection option. 

The power consumption rate of an xl toilet is contingent upon the manufacturer’s technologies embedded in the toilet. The first technology that consumes considerable electric power is the automatic deodorizer. The technology automatically releases an aromatic fragrance after every flush, ensuring that your toilet smells fresh constantly. 

The second technology that can ratchet up your power bills is heated seats. The feature is ideal for areas with considerably low temperatures. In addition, some extra-large toilets have an energy-saving feature that enables you to save energy when the toilet is on idle mode. In essence, the feature enables you to reduce the power usage in your household and simultaneously helps the environment. 

Wall hung HL toilet
Wall hung HL toilet


It would be best to consider the durability of a plus-size toilet before deciding to buy it. A durable extra-large toilet is particularly essential when heavy people are its primary users. Heavy people place significant stress on toilet bowls, and the ability of the bowls to withstand the stress greatly enhances their durability. 

Various factors enhance the durability of xl toilets. One such factor is the material used in manufacturing the toilet. Research shows that toilets made of Vitreous China material are more durable than plastic ones. The second factor influencing the durability of extra-large toilets is their overall design. More specifically, toilets with a one-piece configuration tend to be more durable than those with a two-piece design. Notably, the two-piece design is more susceptible to leaks and breakages, thus compromising its long-term durability. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a good oversized toilet cost?

The exact cost of a plus-size toilet is dependent on multiple factors, including the technologies used, the brand, the specifications, and many others. On average, a good oversized toilet costs $500. 

What is the most reliable xl toilet brand?

The most reliable xl toilet brand is American Standard. In essence, the brand meets American standards in all plus-size toilet models. 

Who makes the best quality plus size toilets? 

Kohler makes the best quality plus size toilets. 

Do you require a technician to install an extra-large toilet? 

Yes. Xl toilets are considerably heavy, and their installation necessitates a high level of skill and expertise. 

Wrap Up

Determining the xl toilet that suits your needs and preferences can be time-consuming, particularly if you do not have sufficient information on the kinds of plus-size toilets available in the market. Essentially, this buying guide solves this problem by outlining the top five rated extra-large toilets and giving you crucial insights into the things that should inform your buying decision. 

Our top pick for the best xl toilet is the American Standard 3641.001.020 Toilet because of its unmatched features and specifications. For example, the toilet has a load-bearing capacity of at least 2000 pounds, which makes it ideal for use by all heavy people. In addition, the toilet’s elongated bowl boosts the comfort of heavy users. So take action today and buy an oversized toilet that satisfies your unique needs. 

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