How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Bathroom

Pesky Flies!

Have you started to notice flies in the bathroom in your house? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who love all over the world have to currently, as well as have felt with in the past, and likely will deal with in the future, the common problem which is a fruit fly infestation in their bathroom in their house.

A Common Issue

As much as the problem of a pest overload is a problem for many people who live all over the world, it’s as much a common understanding by many people who live all over the world that no one likes fruit flies. Let it be known that no one likes fruit flies, whether that be one fly or many fruit flies.

The fact that no one likes fruit flies is especially apparent when these fruit flies are in your home. Adding on, one common room in many homes where fruit flies tend to be most often found in is the bathroom.

What Causes Fruit Flies In A Bathroom Drain?

If you’re suffering from having flies in the bathroom, then you need to know where these fruit flies are coming from.

If you’re suffering from having fruit flies in the bathroom, then these fruit flies are coming from a drain. There are more than one drain in your bathroom as you may have noticed this before. Fruit flies could be coming from your shower drain in your bathroom.

On the other hand, fruit flies could be coming from your sink drain in your bathroom.

However, if you are experiencing a drain fly infestation, then these bathroom fruit flies could be coming from both the shower drain as well as the sink drain in your bathroom.

Everyone who owns a bathroom in their home should know the dangers of fruit flies and bathroom drains. Fruit flies are naturally drawn to food and water, like all living creatures that live on earth. After all, food and water are the main necessities of life. Food remnants, stagnant water, organic matter, even organic material like moist towels made of paper will attract fruit flies. All of these materials will draw fruit flies to it because it creates a fertile are for fruit flies to lay their eggs.

Flies, no matter what kind, reproduce quickly. As flies have a natural way of reproducing, this means that it’s easy for remaining flies to build up into a colony. When these flies build up into a colony, they lay more eggs. The more they lay eggs, this mean the more larvae can hatch. When these eggs hatch on top of a stable food source, this ensures that the drain flies have a stable and growing population.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies With Professional Drain Cleaning

The best way to rid your home sewer gnats and get rid of drain flies for good measure is to hire professionals. Professionals know how to prevent fruit flies as well as get rid of them.

From North Dakota to South Dakota and everywhere in between, you can hire professionals to rid your home of drain flies.

Professionals are so effective because they have the right tool and a vast amount of knowledge to get rid of drain flies. For instance, these professionals will often use a drain snake, a metal pipe brush, or a drain cover to rid your home of sewer gnats.

Besides tools to use on moist places where larvae are being born, professionals also have drain cleaners to make sure that half the battle is won by not letting a single fly escape their eliminating power. Larvae that are born in drains will suffer from a few drops of drain cleaner.

Home Treatment Options

If you don’t want to hire a professional, you can take matters into your own hands.

Drain cleaning is easy to do by yourself. There are many effective ways to clean out your drains. For instance, you can use a liquid such as dish soap or boiling water. Pour dish soap or boiling water down one drain or many drains where you see pests swarming around.

Creative Ways To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

As said above previously in this article, it’s as much a common understanding by many people who live all over the world that no one likes flies. However, even though it’s as much a common understanding by many people who live all over the world that no one likes flies, this doesn’t mean that this statement will kill drain flies instantly.

Due to this, there have been many creative people out there in the world who have made creative ways to get rid of fruit flies.

Natural Pesticide

A pesticide is any method of warding off unwanted ‘pests’. Sadly, many forms of pesticides are made from toxic chemicals that can negatively affect humans and other animals. However, an apple cider vinegar pesticide is a great alternative as it is fully natural and safe for humans and other animals.

Apple cider vinegar pest control is easy to make. The first step is to take vinegar and place it in a jar of water. Next, cover the jar slightly. Leave the jar at room temperature for about two days. After this has been done, you can mix the vinegar and the hot water in the jar and take the standing water to apply it to your drains. This might be an easier process if the enhanced water is transferred to a bottle with a nozzle or if you use boiling water in a cup to mix your solution before using it around your sinks and drains.

Apply the spray once it’s fully done by spraying it in the bathroom around the sinks and drains where you see the fruit flies the most often.


However, don’t use white vinegar as it’s ineffective. If you don’t have the right vinegar on hand, half a cup of water mixed with three tablespoons of baking soda is one of many other natural ways to get rid of drain flies.

Fruit Fly Trap

As for the pests that love bananas, such as flies, a simple banana peel fruit flies trap can also get free of them.

Making a banana peel flying bugs trap is easy and fast. The materials that are needed include a banana peel, a pair of scissors, a jar or container and a piece of plastic wrap. To make a banana peel bug catcher, the first step is to place a banana peel inside of the selected jar or container. Then, place a piece of plastic wrap securely over the top of the prepared jar or container. After this, poke more than one small hole using scissors into the cling wrap and place the finished object next to bathroom drains to get rid of drain flies.

This banana peel flying bug container works by drawing in flying bugs who can get inside the container to the banana but can’t escape as they are unable to get out of the small holes. This is because these few holes are designed to allow bugs to crawl or fly in but will not allow them to fly or crawl out as they’ll become stuck.

The banana peel fruit fly trap will need to be replaced when the banana peel has developed mold or the trap has become full of flying bugs.


However, if you don’t have a banana peel, any other ripe fruit should also do the trick. As well, if you don’t have a jar, consider the use of a cup. This cup could be a ceramic cup or a disposable cup.

Feel free to use a rubber band or duct tape if you need to. Duct tape can even be used on a disposable cup by the way.

Drain Flies Can Easily Be Taken Care Of

As you have read, you can easily control the problem of a fly issue in the bathroom of your home. Feel free to use any method in this article to enjoy your bug-free home once again!

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