How to Wipe With One Square of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is an indispensable commodity in public and private toilets. You want to have enough toilet paper sheets to wipe yourself properly whenever you visit the loo. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you find only one square of toilet paper left after you have finished your business. This situation presents a dilemma because most toilet paper brands are too soft. One sheet of toilet paper may easily tear when you use it to wipe yourself. Such an eventuality is embarrassing and unhygienic. So, this guide highlights some tips on how to wipe with one square of toilet paper without causing mayhem!

How to Wipe With One Square of Toilet Paper

If you discover that there is only one toilet paper square left after using the toilet, you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your only viable option is to improvise. The first solution you may consider is to fold the toilet paper sheet once to form a double layer.

It is worth noting that this solution is only feasible if the toilet paper sheet is strong and has a width of at least 4.5 inches. A single-ply toilet paper square will also not cut it. The sheet should be either a 3-ply or a 2-ply. A 3-ply toilet paper sheet has three layers, while a 2-ply toilet paper sheet has two layers.

The second solution you should consider is to tear up the tissue paper core. Ideally, you should unwrap the core by unsticking its cardboard layers. Next, you should place the single toilet paper sheet on the cardboard layers and use it to wipe yourself.

The cardboard layers prevent you from piercing through the toilet paper square with your finger. But make sure to firmly grip the cardboard to avert the toilet paper sheet from shifting from its original position. Executing the technique with precision allows you to maintain your hygiene and avoid embarrassment.

A roll of toilet paper
A roll of toilet paper

General Tips for Wiping With One Toilet Paper Square

Whenever you face the situation of using a single square of toilet paper, do not hasten the process of wiping yourself. A slow wipe allows you to avoid costly mistakes such as piercing through the square or losing grip of the cardboard-sheet combo. Here are some other tips to help you out:

  • Avoid a vigorous wipe. Instead, consider a patting wipe.
  • Consider wiping yourself in a seated position. Essentially, this position allows for a thorough wipe.
  • Avoid using a single finger to wipe yourself to minimize the chances of piercing through the toilet paper sheet. Ideally, placing the toilet paper square on the ring, index, and second fingers would be best.
  • Avoid wiping yourself from rear to front and apply a fair amount of force to avoid tearing through the toilet paper sheet.

Final Thoughts

Wiping with one toilet paper square can present a headache to toilet users. If you find yourself in such a situation, you have no choice but to improvise. The most suitable solution depends on various factors, including the number of layers on the toilet paper square and its overall strength. Ultimately, you want a solution that will save you the embarrassment of a torn toilet paper sheet.

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