I Pooped But there Was Nothing in the Toilet: What is the Problem?

The phenomenon of a “ghost poop” often perplexes many people. If you pooped and nothing appears in the toilet bowl, you’ll want to learn what this mysterious poop says about your overall health and toilet habits. Generally speaking, having a ghost poop means you’re experiencing the relief of a bowel movement without actually seeing any evidence of it inside the toilet bowl or on the toilet paper when you wipe off your butt. There’s a heated debate as to what exactly causes a ghost poop. Rather than thinking too hard about it, we’ve done our research and are ready to explain this mysterious phenomenon to you.

Causes of Ghost Poops

According to health professionals, elusive ghost poop may be a result of three things:

  • Your urge to poop ends up only being gas or farts
  • The poop was so smooth that it slid down the drain before you could flush the toilet
  • The poop left zero marks on the toilet paper after wiping your butt

1. Pooping Only Gas (Empty Farts)

Some people experience ghost poops when they have too much air in their colon and rectum. It causes nerves to be activated inside your colon and rectum, and as a result, you have that urge to go to the bathroom. You might mistakenly think that your poop is actually a ghost poop because it smells really bad. On the contrary, you could be having lots of gas from eating gassy food or from drinking too much alcohol.

Stay away from foods that give you a lot of gas, and avoid gulping too much air (mostly by drinking a lot of water) to keep your bowel movements consistent. If you feel like you’re about to have a big bowel movement but can only manage to put out a few farts on the toilet, that’s the same as ghost poop. 

Too much air in your intestines and your rectum can cause you to feel desperate to poop. Even if you don’t actually poop, you may feel relieved just by releasing all that tension in your gut. It’s normal to mistake a poopy feeling for a painful sensation when you have a poor bowel movement. 

2. Poop That Doesn’t Leave Remnants On Your Butt

There is no need to worry about this kind of ghost poo because this is normal. You should be extremely grateful for having such a healthy bowel movement when this happens. Sometimes, you have poop that goes out completely clean and leaves no residue behind. This is more pleasant than those embarrassing and painful poops where you constantly have to wash your hands to get rid of a stubborn smell. 

There are two possible explanations for poop that gets away without leaving a mess. First, you had really good, healthy bowel movements. If you have an easy bowel movement and nothing remains in your bottom afterward, that may be because you didn’t have enough fiber in your diet. 

Another explanation for having a ghost poop is that you had a very small bowel movement. Sometimes very small bowel movements don’t leave any mess, and it’s not a big deal. In fact, they’re one of the most prized types of poo. This insane, mythical, and highly sought-after ghost poop is truly amazing.

If you want easier, smooth poos, consider eating foods rich in prebiotic fibers, like asparagus, bananas, and oats.

3. Poop Disappears Down the Drain

This type of ghost poop is very weird, but it’s normal. It’s like a ghost that disappears and never leaves a mark. This is a sign that your poop was so small or smooth that it simply didn’t leave behind any mark. So, this is zero cause for alarm.

Poops can come in various sizes and shapes and can even smell strange when you push them out. Maybe the size and shape of your poop are pretty consistent, so you don’t expect much from your stool. Some people think a good poop session is like receiving a surprise gift: opening a big box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

In most cases, your poop will either sink to the bottom of your toilet bowl or float on top of the toilet water. It is possible for poop to easily slide down the drain without leaving a trail. You may feel it, but you may not be able to see it. It’s like a diver going straight to the bottom of a pool and not splashing any water. If your poop is long and smooth, you have a very healthy gut.

Wrapping Up

Even if you pooped and there was nothing in the toilet, it’s still essential to wipe down your butt and flush your toilet. A quick wipe down the toilet can help you avoid messing in the bathroom; it also stops germs from growing in your bathroom. Don’t punish yourself with dirty paper, and make sure that you clean out your hands after you go to the toilet. Use Booty Wipes to keep things fresh. They contain soothing aloe and vitamin E to help you relax and prevent you from having a sassy time. 

Smith Edwards

Smith Edwards is a licensed plumber and writer with over a decade of hands-on construction and home improvement experience and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years.

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