BEST Smart Flush Toilets For a Truly Modern Bathroom

Smart Flush Toilets

In the quest to preserve the environment, more and more people have started embracing the idea of investing in environment-friendly products, including toilets. High-tech smart flush toilets offer homeowners additional benefits that make their lives better. Today, smart toilets that offer comfortable operations and save more water are increasingly becoming popular in most households.  The … Read more

Funny Butler Toilet Paper Holders

Butler Toilet Paper Holders

A toilet paper holder is one of the few pieces of home décor that most homeowners don’t pay much attention to, even though they have them in their bathrooms. These simple pieces of metal attachments in the bathroom are designed for dispensing toilet paper. Although funny Butler toilet paper holders are not as elaborate as other … Read more

How to Choose a Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilet Paper Dispenser

A toilet paper dispenser plays a vital role in any bathroom, be it residential or commercial. Besides regulating the quantity of toilet paper you consume, it seamlessly rolls out and curbs the tissue paper. When shopping for a toilet paper dispenser, consider how often the restroom will be used, how often it will be serviced, and … Read more

Best Low-Profile Toilets for Space Saving

Low Profile Toilets

If you’re struggling with counter space constraints or finding your regular toilet uncomfortable for all family members, it could be due to wrong toilet height. Low profile toilets are designed to ensure the bowl and the seat are of the right height and width while minimizing the overall height of the toilet unit. This is typically … Read more

Trending Non-clogging Toilet Designs That Will Be Huge in 2022

Trending Non-Clogging Toilet Designs

Hygiene remains a top priority in bathrooms with heavy traffic. Modern bathrooms have evolved into a haven of refuge and relaxation without worrying so much about clogs and regular cleaning. Perhaps, the days of toilet clogs and inefficient flushing mechanisms are long gone. It would be inconvenient and time-consuming to spend a lot of cash … Read more

Toilets With No Plumbing: What Are My Option?

Toilets With No Plumbing

Wondering whether there are toilets without plumbing? You’ll be pleased to know there are a few options on the market. Whether you’re looking for a functional toilet system for a temporary situation or a sanitary unit for your off-grid home, a toilet without complex plumbing systems will make your life hassle-free. While most people are … Read more