Best Composting Toilet for Caravans

Best Composting Toilet

As people continually embrace the idea of environmental conservation, a lot of effort has been directed towards reducing carbon emissions. At home, there is no better way of achieving this than using composting toilets. Unlike the standard sewer-connected toilet, the best composting toilet for caravans uses less power and water, with some not using electricity … Read more

Best Handheld Shower Head For Pleasure

Best Handheld Shower Head

If you are searching for a luxurious bathroom addition, a handheld showerhead should be your first item of consideration. The best handheld shower head for pleasure provides a spa-like experience and adds great functionality when taking that much-needed relaxing shower. A great showerhead brings forth a lot of flexibility in the bathroom and is highly efficient … Read more

Best Portable Camping toilet for a camper van

Nothing ruins the fun of an amazing camping or outdoor adventure like receiving the nature call and lacking access to a decent toilet. Fortunately, this is an issue of the past, thanks to the invention of portable camping toilets. The best portable camping toilet for a camper van enables avid campers and hikers to answer … Read more

Best Upflush Toilet for Basement

Best Upflush Toilet Review

If you are looking for a toilet that doesn’t require a lot of plumbing, consider purchasing and installing the best upflush toilet for basement. Otherwise referred to as a macerating toilet, this type of toilet functions entirely differently, with its pump directing waste upwards. To learn more about how this system functions, head over to … Read more

Types of Household Mold & Health Effects of Mold in Homes

Mold is a fungus containing small organisms that naturally break down biological materials. Mold travels as tiny spores that are light enough to float through the air, meaning that they can be found almost everywhere in our environment. When these spores rest on a damp area like a bathroom wall, they start growing and digesting … Read more

How Local Plumbing Codes Affect Plumbing Design

As a homeowner or building contractor doing a remodeling project or putting up a new structure, there are specific codes you must adhere to. Codes apply to every aspect of the building profession, and plumbing systems are no different. Local plumbing codes are not merely arbitrary rules put down on paper, but are critical fundamentals … Read more

Luxury Home Elements Every Homeowner Dreams Of

Anyone thinking about a luxury home will first think about the location. You need a thriving metropolis right in the heart of a great city. If you’re lucky to find a place with friendly people, flourishing economy, lovely restaurants, trendy fashion, and of course, leafy luxury suburbs, you-ll be good to go. The epitome of … Read more

Technology Your Interior Designer Should Know About

Technology Your Interior Designer Should Know About

Technology is literally transforming everything around us, but interior design is one industry that hasn’t seen much of the advancement over the years. Interior designers find it extremely costly and time-consuming to integrate various technologies in their designs. Fortunately, some movers and shakers have come out to disrupt the outlook of homes and offices quickly … Read more