Real Money Toilet Seats

Real money toilet seats are toilet seats with real coins, pennies, or dollar bills embedded in toilet seats and lids. Toilet manufacturers ordinarily use transparent materials such as resin, plastic, and glass to embed real money in toilet seats. Additional materials used to make real money toilet seats may include oak wood, ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel. It is worth noting that some toilet seats have a mix of both real and fake dollar bills and coins.

Real money toilet seats allow you to break the monotony in your bathroom since most toilet seats are plain white. Incorporating dollar bills and coins on toilet seats gives you an unmatched element of surprise. Also, real money toilet seats blend in with most bathroom interiors to make them aesthetically pleasing. If you want to eliminate dullness in your bathroom, then the real money toilet seat is a viable option. A penny toilet seat gives your toilet a unique appearance and makes it the center of attention. 

Real money toilet seats come in different shapes and sizes that allow you to achieve different objectives in your bathroom. For instance, an elongated money toilet seat achieves two essential objectives. First, its elongated seat allows you to achieve comfort while simultaneously saving floor space in your bathroom. Secondly, an elongated money toilet seat gives you an aura of luxury every time you step into the bathroom. In essence, the toilet seat’s uniqueness makes it stand out from other ordinary toilets you might find on the marketplace. 

Our Top Picks for Real Money Toilet Seats

1. Best Overall: Real U.S. Dollars & Coins Money Lucite Resin Toilet SEAT, Standard Round

This real money toilet seat is our top pick because it stands out from the rest. If you want to give your bathroom interior that stunning and elegant appearance, then this product is your best choice. The toilet seat incorporates dollar bills, quarters, nickels, and dimes. In addition, the seat has a round shape and chrome hinges that give it a contemporary, stylish and sleek design.

Moreover, the product’s features and specifications give you real value for your money. Most notably, the toilet seat manufacturer utilizes actual dollar bills and coins. Essentially, this feature adds vitality to the toilet seat and gives it an aura of authenticity. Also, the real money blends perfectly with your bathroom interiors and allows the toilet seat to catch your attention once you step into the bathroom. 

Another reason you should consider this toilet seat is that it is made of high-quality materials. Belonging to the Letang brand, the toilet seat is made in the United States. The primary material used in the toilet seat is a high-quality resin that is hard, durable, and less prone to breakages. In addition, the coins are embedded on the toilet seat, while the actual dollar bills are embedded on the lid. Notably, the manufacturer arranges the coins in two rows in a circular pattern. Meanwhile, the dollar bills assume a circular pattern on the lid. Integrating actual dollar bills and coins is both unique and eye-catching. 

The toilet also has modest dimensions. More specifically, it measures 14.5 inches by 16 inches. The entire unit is relatively heavy compared to other real money toilet seats and weighs 14 pounds. Essentially, the toilet seat is a bargain because it features real money rather than fake money. 

Key Features:

  • Made of resin 
  • Features real dollar bills, quarters, nickels, and dimes.
  • Ii incorporates chrome hinges.
  • Round in shape.
  • High quality. 

2. Best Design: Big Money Heavy Duty Toilet Seat – Standard Size – Real Dollar Bill Inside!


This toilet seat model has an unmatched design that is elegant and eye-catching. If you are in the marketplace for a stylish and contemporary real money toilet seat, this product is your best bet. The model is manufactured by Naturally Home and belongs to the Daniel’s Bath and Beyond brand. Also, the toilet seat is clear and has a round shape. 

The toilet seat has wide-ranging advantages you should consider when buying a real money toilet seat. First, the toilet lid has an actual dollar bill that gives it an authentic appearance. The manufacturer places the single dollar bill horizontally, allowing you to read its contents. Also, the positioning gives you the impression that you are dealing with real money. 

However, it is worth noting that the coins embedded in the seat and the lid are not real but rather decorative. The second advantage of the toilet seat is that it is made of heavy-duty resin. In essence, the resin is transparent to allow you to view the money inside. Moreover, the resin is strong, durable, and less susceptible to breakages. 

The model’s chrome hinges also blend seamlessly with your bathroom because most bathroom accessories such as showerheads are chrome plated. The toilet seat’s round shape is also ideal for round toilets. Lastly, the seat is easy to clean and install. 

Key Features

  • Weighs 7.68 pounds
  • It measures 17.5 inches by 15.2 inches
  • Clear
  • Round shape
  • Made of heavy-duty polyresin. 

3. Best Budget: Heavy Duty Comfort Toilet Round Seats with Fake Coins, I Dollar bill Cover Acrylic Seats (Dollar (Round) 17” Inch)


Are you looking for the most affordable real money toilet seat available in the marketplace today? Then, this product is your best possible choice. The toilet seat is relatively low priced compared to other real money toilet seats in the same class. In addition, the product is manufactured in the United States by renowned home accessories manufacturer BH Home & Linen. As such, you are assured of a high-quality product that meets its stated specifications.

In essence, the real money toilet seat model has several qualities and features you should consider when choosing it:

  1. The seat has a single real dollar bill that makes it unique, attractive, and eye-catching.
  2. The lid and the seat have fake coins arranged in rows to form a beautiful pattern.
  3. The toilet seat features bumpers and chrome hinges that enhance the seat’s sturdiness and durability. 

An additional advantage of the model is its ergonomic design that improves your comfort as a user. The toilet seat also includes an ultra-violet additive that allows the seat and lid to maintain their original color by preventing fading. The seat is round in shape, making it appropriate for round toilets. 

Lastly, the toilet seat model is easy to install since it only requires a wrench. Purchasing this real money toilet seat gives you great value for money because it incorporates the features mentioned above at a relatively low price point. 

Key Features:

  • Round shape. 
  • Made of resin.
  • UV protected. 
  • Has a 17-inch radius
  • Contains both real and fake money

How to Choose the Right Real Money Toilet Seat Model

You will encounter different models when you want to purchase a real money toilet seat. Without adequate knowledge about what to look out for, you might be spoilt for choice or even end up getting little value for your money. Real money toilet seats are relatively expensive when compared to standard toilet seats. Also, different real money toilet seat models have varying prices depending on the materials used, features, specifications, and brand. 

Here are some key considerations to make when shopping for real money toilet seats:

Real Vs. Fake Money

In choosing the right real money toilet seat model, you should first consider the type of money used on the seat and lid. In essence, you should assess whether the money embedded on the toilet seat is real money or fake money. It is worth noting that real money gives the toilet seat an authentic appearance that is incomparable to fake money. 

Additionally, toilet seat models that feature real money are relatively pricey compared to those that incorporate fake money. As a result, you should balance your budget and your preferred bathroom appearance. 


When choosing a suitable model, the arrangement and category of money on the toilet seat is also a vital factor. Notably, different toilet seat models have distinct categories and configurations of money, and your choice should be based on your preferences. For example, some toilet seat models may have a single coin embedded on wood oak at the center of the toilet lid. Others, such as elongated money toilet seats, feature actual dollar bills arranged in a circular pattern. Lastly, penny toilet seats have pennies arranged side by side on the lid and the seat.

Material Used

The third factor you should consider in choosing the right toilet seat model is the materials used in embedding the dollar bills, coins, or pennies. Resin is the most widely used material on real money toilet seats. It is worth noting that resin is combined with other materials such as oak wood and porcelain. In some toilet seat models, dollar bills, pennies, dimes, or nickels are embedded in transparent glass or plastic. Ultimately, the durability, sleekness, and appearance of the materials used on different real money toilet seat models should guide you in choosing the ideal toilet seat model. 

Wrapping Up

So, that wraps it up for our list of go-to real money toilet seats. Try out any of our recommendations, and let us know your experience with the model you picked.

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