Who Makes Woodbridge Toilets?    

Woodbridge is a relatively new entrant to the toilet market. Founded in 2005, Woodbridge manufactures toilets with excellent efficiency and a five-year porcelain guarantee. That’s why the brand’s products are becoming increasingly popular among American households. The company produces both average and exorbitant toilets with long-lasting, double expel mechanisms. But who makes Woodbridge toilets?

Woodbridge Bath manufactures valuable toilets in its own fabrications and dissemination thread. The company boasts state-of-the-art storerooms, semi-automated facilities, merchandise storefronts, and countrywide carriage. And because Woodbridge sells these branded items directly to consumers, there is often no “middleman” to jack up costs. This means you’ll be able to spend a little less than the equivalent standard toilets.

Who Makes Woodbridge toilets?

All Woodbridge branded products, including the Woodbridge toilets, are supplied and marketed by a company called Woodbridge Bath. The company is located in Cerritos, CA, and has been supplying these products for several years. Most of the Woodbridge toilets in physical stores or online marketplaces are budget toilets and of high quality. 

Even though Woodbridge is a relatively new brand in the industry with more established brands such as Kohler and TOTO, their toilets are rich in design and style. For example, their sleek WOODBRIDGE Cotton White T-0019 Toilet is one of the bestsellers on Amazon. However, since the brand is quite new and small in the industry, most shoppers want to first know who manufactures WoodBridge toilets and where they’re made before they commit to purchase.

Since the company website doesn’t specifically claim that the products are manufactured in the U.S.A, some of the reviews we came across online had convoluting responses to this question. Other suggestions claimed they’re made in the U.S.A. In general, the company claims that all its products are manufactured following stringent quality standards and accurate automation. Shoppers have the option to buy the products directly from Woodbridge or from online stores like Amazon. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the mark-up prices that you may likely encounter with other toilet models that allow “middleman” transactions.

Why Consider Woodbridge Toilets?

Woodbridge toilets offer a myriad of benefits that rival even the top brands in the industry, such as TOTO, Kohler, and American Standard. Here are some reasons you should consider Woodbridge toilets for your next bathroom remodel:

1. Comfortable Height And Size

The bulk of today’s toilets is approximately17 to 19 inches high due to ADA standards. If you’re looking to outfit a public restroom, it’s critical to make it ADA-compliant so that it’s accessible to everyone. However, you can request a 14-inch model that is more comfortable for kids and people with disabilities. Woodbridge toilets come in a variety of heights and sizes to suit your unique needs.

2. Convenient Basin Shape

If you have adequate space in your bathroom, you can choose a broad basin shape over a round bowl to ensure cozier seating. However, a round bowl is the greatest way to preserve space in front of the toilet if your bathroom is small. Woodbridge toilets are available in both round and elongated designs to suit your available space.

3. Powerful Flushing Methodology

When it comes to the noise-to-power ratio, twin flush systems are often the best. Woodbridge toilets offer powerful dual flush technology. For different waste types, you may choose between low-power and high-power buttons and control noise levels and water consumption.

4. Affordable Pricing

Woodbridge toilets are priced between $350 and $375 for lone and double-flush variants. 

5. Efficient Water Consumption

A national law limits the amount of water used for toilet flushing to 1.6 gallons every flush. This rate is 1.28 gallons per flush in some states as local governments strive to reduce global water waste and increase water conservation in order to benefit the environment. The EPA’s Water Sense program is supporting the campaign. All Woodbridge toilets are highly water-efficient and meet the EPA requirements.

Top-Rated Woodbridge Toilets 

Here are some great Woodbridge toilet models to consider:

1: Woodbridge T-0001

  • 1.28 GPF double-flush 
  • Comfort height
  • Muted closing seat (adjustable)
  • A moderate price tag (middle range)

2: T-0018/B-0735 Woodbridge

  • The pump is unusually silent
  • The muted-closing seat 
  • Water Sense certified
  • Ideal for youngsters, the elderly, and people with disabilities
  • Double-flush technology with powerful flush

3: Woodbridge B-0960S 

  • A mechanized cover and double-flush methodology
  • In-built night lamp
  • Seat heater and air conditioner
  • A strong Bidet with several modes
  • Dry air temp

4: Woodbridge T-0008 

  • Normal water cistern
  • Drying, heating, lighting, water temperature modes
  • Common seat height (14″)
  • Flexible Bidet seat heater
  • Stainless nozzles that clean themselves

5: Woodbridge T-0019 

  • Internationally approved
  • Minimal water consumtion
  • Chair-height seating
  • Whisper-quiet flushing
  • Bidet seat compatibility

Overall, Woodbridge toilets are completely affordable and include great features for anyone ready to revitalize their cloakrooms. 

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