About Us

A bathroom is perhaps the smallest room in a home, but a messed-up bathroom can turn an otherwise perfect home into a nasty mess. As bathroom customs evolve worldwide, manufacturers are working around the clock to give users more luxurious bathroom experiences. Toilets, for instance, are coming in all kinds of shapes and styles. We now see high-tech features like self-closing lids, auto-flush systems, motion-activated lighting, and much more.

Spruce Bathroom® is a group of seasoned interior designers and all-time friends. We have been having heated discussions about bathroom and toilet design trends and decided it was time to share our ideas with the public. We cover everything about bathrooms and basic plumbing DIY projects. So, we can help you choose the best bathroom fixture to purchase and walk you through the installation and maintenance process.

Moreover, we feature every new technology that kisses the bathroom space. For instance, did you know that you can now install waterless toilets? Yes. And, we are very sensitive to the environment and sustainability as well, so we cover a lot of content on water saving tips and water-efficient toilets.

More importantly, we love to hear from our customers. So, feel free to engage us through our “contact us” page. You can also comment on our various blogs and let us know what else you’d like featured or just share with us some bathroom remodeling ideas you find exciting.