Funny Butler Toilet Paper Holders

Butler Toilet Paper Holders

A toilet paper holder is one of the few pieces of home décor that most homeowners don’t pay much attention to, even though they have them in their bathrooms. These simple pieces of metal attachments in the bathroom are designed for dispensing toilet paper. Although funny Butler toilet paper holders are not as elaborate as other … Read more

How to Choose a Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilet Paper Dispenser

A toilet paper dispenser plays a vital role in any bathroom, be it residential or commercial. Besides regulating the quantity of toilet paper you consume, it seamlessly rolls out and curbs the tissue paper. When shopping for a toilet paper dispenser, consider how often the restroom will be used, how often it will be serviced, and … Read more

Trending Non-clogging Toilet Designs That Will Be Huge in 2022

Trending Non-Clogging Toilet Designs

Hygiene remains a top priority in bathrooms with heavy traffic. Modern bathrooms have evolved into a haven of refuge and relaxation without worrying so much about clogs and regular cleaning. Perhaps, the days of toilet clogs and inefficient flushing mechanisms are long gone. It would be inconvenient and time-consuming to spend a lot of cash … Read more

Best Toilet Fill Valve for Hard Water

Best Toilet Fill Valve for Hard Water

Modern bathroom designs demand highly portable and user-friendly flush installations that can be easily sourced in case you need a replacement. The best toilet fill valve for hard water can ease your family’s bathroom experience with no mess in its wake. In this guide, we review some of the best reliable toilet fill valves with … Read more

Westinghouse IGen2500 Review: The Best Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse IGen2500 Review

Campers and RV travelers today cover several miles to get to their camping destinations, and one major challenge is often the limited access to electricity. This detailed Westinghouse iGen2500 review sheds more light on why you need a reliable portable inverter generator. You shouldn’t interrupt your regular lifestyle just because you’re out in the woods … Read more

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with humidity sensor

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Many homeowners experience poor indoor air quality at some point, especially during the cold winter months when all windows are closed all the time. In fact, the quality of indoor air is often worse in bathrooms where you’re likely to have foul odors from mold and mildew. Fortunately, this problem can be mitigated by simply … Read more