Best Toilet With Built-In Bidet And Dryer

Best Toilet With Built-In Bidet And Dryer

To some people, anything that is expensive, out of reach, and perhaps unaffordable to them is luxurious. To others, something that makes you overly too comfortable, regardless of its design or size, is a luxury. How would you define a luxurious toilet unit that comes fitted with modern features such as a built-in bidet and … Read more

how to remove stubborn brown stains from toilet bowl

How to Remove Toilet Stains

A stained toilet bowl is perhaps the most disgusting thing in the world. You certainly don’t want your guests to use a stained toilet, and if you’re concerned about hygiene, you may not feel comfortable using it yourself. Fortunately, there are multiple simple tips on how to remove stubborn brown stains from toilet bowl without … Read more

Best Floor Mounted Back Outlet Toilets + Buyer’s Guide

Floor Mounted Back Outlet Toilets

If you have visited a bathroom accessories store, you have probably noted that different toilets models have varying waste discharge systems. One such system is the rear discharge system. Floor-mounted back outlet toilets set themselves apart from standard toilets. While standard toilets drain their waste through a pipe on the floor, a floor mounted back … Read more

American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Review

American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Review

With the numerous toilet model options on today’s virtual marketplaces and physical stores that sell sanitary ware, choosing the right model can be overwhelming. For years, the American Standard has been a household brand when it comes to toilets and the bathroom design business. In fact, that is why most bathroom remodeling companies and interior … Read more

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Reviews

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Review

Is Kohler a suitable toilet brand for use in your restrooms? We hope this Kohler Cimarron toilet review will help you settle this matter once and for all. The KOHLER 5310-0 Cimarron Skirted trapway Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated Toilet is one of the most popular makes with economical water consumption, glossy style, and powerful expelling … Read more

Extra Large Toilets for Fat People

Extra Large Toilets for Fat People

Extra large toilets are an indispensable utility in the lives of heavy people. If you consume three meals a day, it is quite normal to have a bowel movement at least once every day. As a result, your toilet should be comfortable and cozy enough for an optimal user experience. However, heavy individuals may experience … Read more

Best 24 Inch Depth Toilets for Tiny Bathrooms

24 Inch Depth Toilet

Toilets that are available in the marketplace come in different configurations and dimensions. Whether you intend to install your toilet in your home, office, or business premises, you must consider the dimensions of your bathroom. 24 inch depth toilets are some of the lowest depth toilets on the market that meet diverse needs. They have … Read more

Kohler Corbelle Toilet Review: Specs & Features

Kohler Corbelle Toilet Review

The Kohler Corbelle K-3814 is a modern toilet with a simple design that’ll look stunning in your toilet. The Corbelle is a water-efficient toilet that is crafted in ceramic material and features a hidden trapway, which eliminates too much piping outline. In addition, it’s a WaterSense certified toilet that uses 1.28 GPF, saving you a … Read more

Kohler Tresham Toilet Review

Kohler Tresham Toilet Review

Many of us would agree that Kohler makes exceptional bathroom fixtures. The brand is known to manufacture toilets with excellent functionality and stylish looks. In fact, many people choose Kohler bathroom fixtures primarily because of aesthetics. If you’re looking for a smooth, stylish, and modern toilet system, then you’ll never go wrong with the Kohler … Read more

Real Money Toilet Seats

Real Money Toilet Seats

Real money toilet seats are toilet seats with real coins, pennies, or dollar bills embedded in toilet seats and lids. Toilet manufacturers ordinarily use transparent materials such as resin, plastic, and glass to embed real money in toilet seats. Additional materials used to make real money toilet seats may include oak wood, ceramic, porcelain, and … Read more

Are Woodbridge Toilets Good?

Are Woodbridge Toilets Good?

Woodbridge toilets are some of the bestselling toilets in the market today. Woodbridge Bath, the manufacturer of Woodbridge toilets, is headquartered in Cerritos, California. The company has a global reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality bathroom and kitchen products. So, if you are in the market for a quality and durable toilet with global standing, … Read more

Best Duravit Toilets for Luxurious Sanitary Experience

Best Duravit Toilet

The best Duravit toilets are known for their modern, sleek design that elicits feelings of luxury among their users. Headquartered in Germany, Duravit has earned its reputation as a high-end manufacturer of toilets and toilet accessories over the last couple of decades. Moreover, the best Duravit toilet is long-lasting and highly efficient compared to other … Read more

TOTO Promenade II Toilet Review

TOTO Promenade II Toilet Review

Nice homes and fancy hotels are synonymous with sleek Japanese toilets that truly enhance the lifestyles of users. TOTO Promenade II Toilet is one of the best products manufactured by TOTO, a household name in the world sanitary ware. In fact, TOTO produces some of the highest quality toilet designs that are known for being … Read more

TOTO Carlyle II Toilet Review

TOTO Carlyle II Toilet Review

With a wide range of toilet models to choose from, the process of determining the right type can be confusing and difficult. While many people go for aesthetics, there are many other factors to consider to get good value for your money. TOTO Carlyle II is one of the most sought-after toilets due to its … Read more

Best 2-piece Toilets for Truly Modern Bathrooms

Best 2-Piece Toilets

A 2-piece toilet is a toilet that has a toilet bowl and a cistern as two separate units joined by bolts and gaskets. It’s distinct from a one-piece toilet in that it has a gap between the toilet bowl and the cistern. Generally, 2-piece toilets come in either comfort height or standard height. In this buying guide, … Read more

Swiss Madison Toilet Review: Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison Toilet Review

Swiss Madison Toilet Brand is recognized for producing some of the most elegant and innovative toilet systems on the market. The company delivers modern toilet designs with a personality to match a wide range of bathroom designs. Although Swiss Madison has numerous toilet models on the market, the Swiss Madison St Tropez Toilet is our top pick. … Read more

Toto Ultramax II Vs Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet

Toto Ultramax II Vs Kohler Santa Rosa

When shopping for a new toilet, you want to consider the brand, design, as well as features. Since a toilet is a significantly costly investment that will last for several years, you’ll want to get a model that performs excellently and looks great in your bathroom space. If you’re a classy homeowner, you’ve probably thought … Read more

Best Saniflo Toilets for Truly Modern Bathrooms

Best Saniflo Toilets

Saniflo or macerator toilets are designed to break up or macerate human waste and paper using a special blade and centrifuge the macerated waste into the main waste system. The main difference between a macerated toilet and other toilet types is the absence of sewage drain exit pipes on the toilet. This means that you … Read more

Best Square Toilets for a Truly Modern Bathroom

Best Square Toilets

Square toilets are not a preserve of fancy toilets and modern apartments as they can make a great addition to any bathroom at home. So, if you’re currently using a traditional round toilet, it’s not surprising you’re considering investing in a more comfortable square toilet that puts less stress on your limbs. To help you make an … Read more