Best Duravit Toilets for Luxurious Sanitary Experience

The best Duravit toilets are known for their modern, sleek design that elicits feelings of luxury among their users. Headquartered in Germany, Duravit has earned its reputation as a high-end manufacturer of toilets and toilet accessories over the last couple of decades. Moreover, the best Duravit toilet is long-lasting and highly efficient compared to other brands in the market. This buying guide gives you insights into the best Duravit toilets you can purchase in the market today. We’ve also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the highest-rated Duravit toilet. 

Who Needs Duravit Toilets? 

You need a Duravit toilet if you require a durable and reliable toilet in your home or business establishment. It is worth noting that the Duravit brand has stood the test of time and is one of the top-rated toilet brands on the market. You also need a Duravit toilet if you have a knack for water conservation. Duravit toilets are some of the most eco-friendly toilets available in the market today, and their relatively low water consumption rates allow for water conservation. Lastly, you need a Duravit toilet if you need your bathroom to feel class and finesse

Top Five Best Duravit Toilets

If you are in the market for a Duravit toilet, you need to know that the toilets come in different designs, with distinct features and prices. The list below depicts the best Duravit toilets that you can find in the marketplace today.

1. Best Overall: Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet, 1-Piece

Are you in the market for the top-rated Duravit toilet today? Then this toilet is your best bet. The toilet has a sleek and modern appearance that gives your bathroom a contemporary feel. The product also comes in a one-piece configuration that gives it a compact design and makes it easier to install and clean. 

From the manufacturer’s point of view, the toilet suits your water conservation needs. Essentially, the toilet allows you to save water, courtesy of its dual flush technology. The technology features a light flush that consumes a relatively lower amount of water when compared to the full flush. 

Unique Features

  • The toilet is white Alpin in color. 
  • It weighs 121.3 pounds. 
  • The toilet cistern features dual flush technology.
  • The rough-in is 12 inches. 
  • Installation involves floor mounting. 
  • Cistern features a flushing button at the top. 
  • The toilet is rectangular. 
  • Dual flush technology allows for water conservation.
  • One-piece configuration makes it more durable.
  • Comfort height makes it ideal for adult use.
  • The Flushing button makes it insusceptible to breakage.
  • The toilet’s white color allows it to blend seamlessly with white bathroom interiors.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • One-piece configuration makes it bulky to transport and install.

2. Best Runner Up: Duravit Durastyle Basic One-Piece Toilet 21950100U3 White

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and stylish Duravit toilet, this toilet is your best choice. At only 97.4 pounds, the toilet is relatively lighter than other Duravit toilets in the market. The toilet also comes in a one-piece configuration that gives it a compact design. In essence, the one-piece design also makes it less prone to water leakages. 

The Duravit Durastyle toilet also suits your sanitation and cleaning needs for two principal reasons. First, its smooth ceramic finish makes it easy to scrub with a sponge. Second, its white appearance makes it easy to spot dirt and waste particles on the bowl and cistern surfaces.

Unique Features

  • The toilet bowl is 17 inches tall.
  • White in color.
  • The bowl and the cistern are made of ceramic.
  • The unit weighs approximately 97.4 pounds. 
  • It features an elongated bowl design. 
  • The cistern incorporates a single flush lever. 
  • The toilet’s elongated bowl design makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  • The lever’s position on the right-hand side makes it more convenient to use.
  • Its comfort height is ideal for adults.
  • The toilet’s lightweight makes it relatively easy to transport and install.
  • The toilet’s single flush design does not allow for water conservation.

3. Best Budget: Duravit 0113010001

Are you looking for the most affordable Duravit toilet with all the standard features of a modern toilet? Then the Duravit 0113010001 is your best possible choice. The toilet is made of stone and features a single flush design. Also, the entire unit is 76 inches tall, 44 inches long, and 36 inches wide. Essentially, the lever’s positioning on the left-hand side design makes it more convenient for your use. 

From the manufacturer’s viewpoint, the toilet is appropriate for relatively small bathrooms. As a result, it features an elongated bowl design that saves on bathroom design and optimizes your sitting comfort. Additionally, the toilet bowl’s comfort height enhances your comfort as an adult user. 

Unique Features

  • The entire unit weighs 87 pounds.
  • White Aplin in color. 
  • The toilet features a siphonic drainage system.
  • The toilet bowl has a vertical outlet. 
  • It has an elongated bowl design.
  • The bowl’s round-in width is 12 inches. 
  • The toilet is relatively inexpensive.
  • The toilet’s comfort height is ADA compliant.
  • Its elongated bowl design enhances the user’s comfort.
  • The bowl’s vertical outlet minimizes the possibility of blockages.
  • The toilet’s one-piece configuration makes it costly to repair.

4. Best Two-Piece Toilet: Duravit 2171010000 white Two-piece toilet ME by STARCK siphon jet, elongated, HET, Large

The Duravit 2171010000 is a high-quality, two-piece, Duravit toilet with a sleek, modern look. The toilet comes in a two-piece configuration that makes it easy and less costly to repair. Essentially, the toilet’s two-piece design also makes it easier to transport and ship. Also, the product’s ceramic finish makes it easy for you to clean and achieve that sparkling appearance. 

Duravit designed the toilet with your comfort in mind. For instance, the toilet’s elongated shape gives you optimal comfort while sitting on it. Additionally, its comfort height is ideal for adult users. The toilet also features a flushing button on the top of the cistern instead of a lever. 

Unique Features

  • The unit weighs 101.41 pounds.
  • Two-piece design
  • White in color.
  • The toilet is made of ceramic.
  • It consumes 1.32 gallons per flush.
  • The toilet features an elongated shape.
  • The absence of a level makes it insusceptible to lever breakage.
  • The toilet’s comfort height is ideal for adults.
  • The toilet’s white ceramic finish makes it easier to clean.
  • The unit is relatively heavy, making it harder to transport and install.
  • The toilet’s comparatively large size makes it unideal for small bathrooms.

5. Best One-Piece Toilet: Duravit 2123010005 Toilet Darling New, 1-Piece

Are you in the marketplace for the most compact and stylish one-piece, Duravit toilet? Then this product is your best possible choice. The toilet’s most distinguishing feature is its relatively shorter height when compared to other Duravit toilets. The toilet’s bowl cover also features a unique curved design with a sleek, contemporary appearance. 

The unit’s one-piece configuration makes it easy to install. Also, the toilet’s comfort height gives you maximum sitting comfort. Lastly, the cistern features a flushing button at the top for easier access. 

Unique Features 

  • The unit weighs 106.5 pounds. 
  • White Alpin in color. 
  • The toilet is 15.95 inches long, 28.35 inches wide, and 30 inches tall. 
  • The unit features a single flush piston valve. 
  • Round shape. 
  • The toilet’s compact design requires less installation space.
  • The absence of a lever makes it invulnerable to lever breakages.
  • The toilet’s relatively high weight makes it difficult to ship and install.

Buying Guide for the Best Duravit Toilets

The best Duravit toilets come in two configurations, namely:

Understanding the distinct designs and features of different Duravit toilets remains critical to your ability to make an informed purchase decision. Listed below are the factors you should consider when looking for the best Duravit toilet. 


Comfort constitutes an essential factor that should help inform your purchase decision. In essence, several factors enhance comfort in the best Duravit toilets. One such factor includes an elongated bowl design. Notably, Duravit toilets with an elongated bowl design are remarkably comfortable for adult users. 

The second factor that enhances the toilet’s comfort is its bowl height. For adult users, the ideal height is the comfort height. By industry standards, the comfort height is roughly 18 inches. Comfort height Duravit toilets enable adult users to sit on the toilet bowl and stand up with relative ease. 

For children, the bowl height that offers optimal comfort is the standard height. At approximately 15 inches, the standard height is relatively shorter when compared to the comfort height. In addition, standard height toilet bowls enable children to sit and stand up with significant ease. As such, the primary users of your toilet should help inform your decision on the best Duravit toilet for your home or business.

Water Consumption

The water consumption of a Duravit toilet is a crucial factor that you should consider before making your purchase decision. Different Duravit toilets have distinct water consumption levels. If you are conscious of water conservation in your household, you should look out for a toilet’s water consumption, abbreviated in gallons per flush (GPF). Duravit toilets with considerably less water consumption levels have less than 1.3 GPF. 

The second feature you should look out for if you proclivity for water conservation is the water conservation technologies incorporated in the toilet. For instance, if the toilet has dual flush technology, it has relatively low water consumption levels compared to toilets with single flush technology. 

In addition, it is noteworthy that toilets with dual flush technology give you two flushing options: a light flush option and a full flush option. Duravit’s light flush alternative consumes significantly fewer gallons of water per flush when compared to the full flush option. In essence, light flushes are ideal for flushing liquid waste, while full flushes are appropriate for flushing solid waste


The durability of a Duravit toilet is an essential factor that should inform your buying decision. It is worth noting that various specifications can help you know if a toilet is durable. One such specification includes the position and type of flushing lever on the cistern. Ordinarily, toilets with a flushing button on the top of the cistern, as opposed to an actual lever, have higher durability. Notably, this is because levers have a higher susceptibility to breakage and malfunction than flushing buttons

The second factor you should look out for when establishing a toilet’s durability is the materials used to make the toilet bowl and cistern. Ceramic toilets tend to be more durable than those made of other materials. Duravit gives more extended warranties for toilets made of ceramic when compared to those made of materials like stone. 

The last factor you should check to determine a toilet’s durability is its configuration. A Duravit with a one-piece design is likely to be more durable than that with a two-piece design. The one-piece configuration is more durable because it is less prone to breakage and leakage. 

Luxurious bathroom
Luxurious bathroom


Before making a buying decision for a Duravit toilet, you should consider its price. It is in your best interest to look for the most affordable toilet or the one that best suits your budget. When looking for an affordable toilet, you need to know that relatively inexpensive toilets compromise many features, functions, and specifications. Likewise, considerably expensive toilets include a host of extra features that make them more convenient and practical. 

Relatively inexpensive Duravit toilets ordinarily scale down on technologies such as dual flush technology. In addition, they may be made of low-quality materials such as stone. It is noteworthy that averagely priced Duravit toilets may include various standard features not available in toilets on the low-end spectrum. 

Meanwhile, Duravit toilets on the high-end spectrum usually include extraordinary and expensive features not available on other toilets. Such features may include automatic flushing and automated self-cleaning options. As a result, your purchase decision for a Duravit toilet should be based on the features you are willing to compromise on and your budget. 

Net Weight

A toilet’s net weight constitutes a crucial factor informing your buying decision for a Duravit toilet. It is worth noting that most Duravit toilets come with a standard net weight of approximately 100 pounds. Before buying a Duravit toilet, you should consider its weight for two reasons. First, heavy toilets are difficult to install in your bathroom since technicians must mount them on the floor with precision. Secondly, comparatively heavier toilets are much more difficult to ship and transport from the store to your house. 

On most occasions, one-piece Duravit toilets are relatively heavier than two-piece toilets of the same brand. Also, the bowl and cistern of a two-piece toilet can be transported as two separate parts, thus making it easier to ship. On the other hand, a one-piece toilet must be shipped and installed as one unit, irrespective of its net weight. As such, you should look out for the weight indicated in the specifications section before making a purchase decision.

Bathroom Size

Your bathroom size should inform your buying decision for Duravit toilets. More specifically, you should consider the size of your bathroom relative to the toilet size. If you want to know the size of a toilet, you should check its dimensions in the specifications section. In essence, the dimensions include the unit’s length, height, and width, which you should then use to compare your bathroom’s size. For example, for narrow bathrooms, you should choose a toilet with a narrow width to achieve a high degree of proportionality. Likewise, you should search for a toilet with a relatively small height if your bathroom’s ceiling is significantly low. 

Duravit toilets with an elongated bowl also take up comparatively less floor space in your bathroom. Essentially, they have a significantly smaller base area and a round-in width that is just enough for you. Ultimately, large toilets are ideal for large bathrooms since the proportionality makes your bathroom aesthetically pleasing. 

Small bathroom design
Small bathroom design

Power Consumption

Power consumption is an essential factor that should inform your purchase decision for a Duravit toilet. However, it is worth noting that this factor is only relevant to Duravit toilets that require connection to a power source. Most notably, toilets with different technologies such as automatic flushing and automated self-cleaning necessitate a power connection for proper functioning. 

If you have no qualms about increasing the power bills in your house, then you can consider buying a toilet with automated options. If you want to know a toilet’s exact power consumption levels, you can check its power input specifications, abbreviated in watts. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a good Duravit toilet cost?

The cost of an excellent Duravit toilet is predicated on the toilet’s specifications, functionalities, and features. Good Duravit toilets with standard features cost approximately $400. 

What is the most reliable toilet brand?

Duravit is the most reliable toilet brand. The brand has a long history of making quality products and has built its reputation over the years. 

Who makes the best quality Duravit toilets? 

Duravit makes the best quality Duravit branded toilets available in the marketplace. Notably, existing knockoffs are relatively low quality when compared to the authentic brand. 

Wrap Up 

Today, Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet, 1-Piece, remains the top-rated Duravit toilet in the market. Despite its relatively high price, the product has a sleek, modern finish that gives you that much-desired contemporary feel. The toilet’s white color also blends well with white bathroom interiors, giving your bathroom an aesthetic appeal. 

The Duravit 0113010001 is the most affordable Duravit toilet available in the market today. The product has all the standard features of a one-piece toilet design. Moreover, the bowl’s comfort height is ideal for adult users. Nonetheless, you must compromise on various features and functionalities if your budget falls within its price range. In addition, it is worth noting that the absence of vital features such as dual flush technology may translate into higher long-term costs in the form of higher water bills. 

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