How Does an Upflush Toilet Work?

An upflush toilet is engineered to eliminate the need to install expensive plumbing systems. While the interior of an upflush toilet is hardworking machinery, the exterior is a fashionable complement to any bathroom decor. But how does an upflush toilet work?

In this guide, we illustrate how upflush toilets function and why you may need one in your home or temporary structure. You can also go through our upflush toilet review guide to compare some of the best brands on the market today!

How an Upflush Toilets Works

The main differentiating feature of an upflush toilet from standard toilet fixtures is the waste discharge mechanism. The key components of a macerating toilet include a macerator/pump and a small-diameter pipe.

The muscular macerator features a rotating blade that shreds and grinds all solid materials like human waste and toilet paper. When the solid materials are mixed with flushing water, they turn into a fine slurry that easily moves upward through a narrow pipe.

An upflush toilet also has an electric-powered pump that pushes the fine slurry upward under high pressure. By utilizing a small-diameter discharge pipe (usually as small as 3/4″ in diameter), an upflush toilet solves many structural problems since the pipe can be run virtually anywhere without digging up concrete walls or floors.

The fine slurry can move easily through the narrow pipe to your normal sewage system, holding tank, or septic tank.

Who Needs an Upflush Toilet?

Wondering whether an upflush toilet system will work for your specific project? The simple answer is, it depends on your individual situation. These toilet systems come with both pros and cons.

Upflush toilets are ideal for both residential and commercial use. They work well for households looking to expand and increase the value, or rental properties looking for extra usability without requiring additional maintenance.

Some upflush toilet systems are also strong and durable enough to be integrated into commercial establishments since they can accommodate extended use.

SaniCUBIC grinder pumps such as the Saniflo 099 Sanicubic 2 Vortex system are powerful enough to grind and pump for multiple fixtures within an entire building simultaneously.

There is literally no limit to the applications of these brilliantly engineered Upflush toilet systems! However, their notable downsides are noisier operation and higher price tags.

The SANIFLO Advantage

Although there are multiple upflush toilet brands out there, none has the sophistication, history, performance, research budgets, or full product lineup of Saniflo. Some models even carry very respectable brand names, but very few are truly macerating pumps. Most models use old technologies and frame them as macerating toilets.

This is why many homeowners have stuck with Saniflow upflush toilets for years. Although you can find other brands offering macerating toilets at much cheaper prices, you won’t probably get the proven SFA macerating technology, elaborate product warranty, a responsive technical support team, and the proven knowledge that the industry leader provides.

Here are the most popular Saniflo Upflush Toilets to Consider:

Final Words

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has helped you understand how an upflush toilet works and given you some hints on what to do when things go awry. If you’re still wandering whether a macerating toilet is right for you, feel free to reach us via the comment box below. Whatever decision you make, always follow the correct building and plumbing codes.

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