Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us. We have developed this privacy policy to help you understand how we collect and utilize your personal information. When you access Spruce Bathroom®, we may learn certain information about you during your visit. Our website, just like other e-commerce websites, uses “cookies” and server logs to learn something about how our site is used. Some of this information may include IP address, date and time of visit, viewed pages, time spent on the pages, and the websites you visit before and after ours.

How Cookies Work

A cookie is simply a tiny text document with an anonymous unique identifier. Whenever you visit this website, the site’s server will ask your computer permission to store the file in a section of your hard drive designed specifically for cookies. To protect your privacy, your browser only permits our website to access cookies already sent to you, not other cookies sent from other websites.

IP Addresses

Every time you connect to the internet, your computer’s IP address is broadcasted. An IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer on the network. Our web server automatically registers your IP address with the sole purpose of identifying your demographic and profile information. That way, relevant traffic data can be availed to you whenever you browse the internet.

How We Use the Information You Provide to Us?

Generally, we use personal information provided to us for the sole purpose of administering boniness activities and providing better customer experience. We don’t, however, obtain your personal identification information whenever you visit our website, unless you choose to willingly provide such information. Moreover, any information provided to us shall not be sold or shared with unaffiliated third-party entities without your approval at the time of collection. However, we may disclose information when legally compelled to do so or in good faith when we are persuaded that it is in the best interest of our legal rights.

Email Policies

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your e-mail address. We don’t lease, rent, or sell or email subscription lists to a third party individual, company, or government agency, unless compelled to legally disclose certain information.  We may keep your e-mail address for the sole purpose of providing timely information to you. We also handle the information you share through email in accordance with the applicable federal laws.

How We Protect Your Information and Secure its Transmission

Email communication is not considered secure and foolproof. When you send personal information to us via email, you do so at your own risk. However, information entered directly on our website may be transmitted securely through Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. You should never transmit Credit Card information via email!

CAN-SPAM Compliance

We comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. That means that all e-mails sent from our website will clearly indicate the originator of the email plus clear details on how you can contact the sender. All emails will also contain clear information on how to unsubscribe from our mailing list if you don’t wish to receive more communication from us.

Use of External Links

Spruce Bathroom® may contain links to several other websites. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found in these linked sites. Links to or from external sites do not amount to an endorsement of employees or sponsors of these sites or the products or services presented therein.

By accessing our website, you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website and all applicable laws and regulations. You are also agreeing to be responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.  If you choose not to agree with any of these terms and conditions, you are prohibited from using this website. Additionally, the materials contained in this website are protected by the applicable copyright and trademark laws.

Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in this website plus all the content and software found here shall remain the sole property of the licensors. The use of our content, trademark, and any intellectual property is forbidden without the express written consent from us.

You must not:

  • Republish content from our website without written consent in prior.
  • Sell or rent any content from our website.
  • Reproduce, copy, duplicate, create derivative, or exploit any material on our website for any purpose.
  • Redistribute any material from our website to other media outlets.

Acceptable Use

By accessing this website, you agree to do so only for lawful purposes without infringing on the rights of others or inhibiting others from using and enjoying the website. Prohibited actions include harassing, distressing, or inconveniencing other users, sharing obscene or offensive content, or interfering with the normal flow of dialogue within our site. Additionally, you should never use our website to send unsolicited commercial communication or other marketing-related purposes without an express written content from us.

Restricted Access

We may in the future choose to restrict access to parts (or entire) of the website and reserve all the rights to do so. So, we may need to provide you with a username and password to access the restricted parts of the website, and you will need to keep those credentials confidential.

Use of Testimonials

We adhere to the FTC guidelines on the use of testimonials and endorsements in advertising. So, take note of the following:

Testimonials featured on this site are received via text, audio, and video submissions. They are based on individual experiences of people who used our products or services in some way. Since they are individual real-life experiences, the results vary from user to user. We don’t claim that the results are typical. The testimonials may not necessarily represent the experiences of everyone who will use our products or services.

We take no responsibility for any of the opinions or comments posted by various users. Our website is not a forum for testimonials but we do allow our customers to share their experiences with others. To protect against abuse, our editorial team will review all the testimonials before they are displayed.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Spruce Bathroom® makes no warranties, representations, or assurances on the accuracy, completeness, and currency of the content contained on this website or other external sites linked to this site.

All the content on this website is provided ‘as is’ with no express or implied warranty of any kind, including assurances of merchantability, fitness for any purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property. In no event shall our agents or associates be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, business interruption, damages for loss of profits, injury or death, loss of information arising from the use or inability to use the content in this site.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time with or without prior notice. But, be sure that in case we make policy amendments, we shall not use the personal information you provided under this policy without your prior consent.