Toilets With No Plumbing: What Are My Options?

Wondering whether there are toilets with no plumbing? You’ll be pleased to know there are a few options on the market. Whether you’re looking for a functional toilet system for a temporary situation or a sanitary unit for your off-grid home, a toilet without complex plumbing systems will make your life hassle-free.

While most people are familiar with standard one-piece or two-piece toilets with pipes and plumbing work running into the floor and flushing waste the old-fashioned way, these special toilets come without sophisticated plumbing.

Toilets With No Plumbing Options

Toilets without plumbing work are ideal for tiny homes, off-grid living spaces, or home remodels where you don’t want to cough out thousands of dollars on ripping up plumbing and installing a whole new bathroom. Plumbing-less toilets are extremely cost-effective and convenient.

If you’re looking for a toilet with no plumbing, here are a few options to consider:

1: Composting Toilet Systems

composting toilet unit is traditionally the toilet without plumbing. It’s designed to compost human waste in an environmentally friendly and hygienic manner, making it a popular choice in homes and outbuildings.

2: Portable Camping Toilets

portable camping toilet allows you to do your business and conveniently dispose of waste later on. A collapsible camping toilet folds up for easy transport and often includes a seat and waste bag. You can also opt for a flushable toilet design that includes a small plumbing system with a waste tank that helps to reduce odors.

These toilets are frequently used in boats and RVs, and they function more like regular toilet systems, except you have to dump out the waste tank manually after multiple uses. In an RV, this means connecting a hose to an existing sewer. But in a van or boat, you’ll need to manually remove your toilet unit and dump the waste tank by hand.

3: Upflush Toilets

If you prefer staying closer to regular plumbing without the need to install pipes and other plumbing work, an upflush toilet or macerating toilet could be the best way to go. An upflush toilet is another version of toilets without plumbing that utilizes a macerator pump to push up waste against gravity. As a result, they attach easily to the existing plumbing stack of your home and won’t require any extra plumbing or demolition.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Toilets Without Plumbing

Whether you’re considering an additional toilet in your home or going off-grid, you need to think carefully about a proper and hygienic way of handling human waste. When considering a toilet unit without plumbing, keep these factors in mind:

  • Can I DIY it? Consider a toilet system you can install on your own, including building the outhouse, hooking up the plumbing, and managing the waste tanks. If not, you’ll need to find an experienced plumber in the area, which adds to the cost.
  • What are the pros and cons of the toilet system? Check the manufacturer’s manual to see if the toilet can withstand regular use by multiple family members. Some units are designed for light use by a couple on a weekend getaway and can break down when subjected to everyday use.
  • Is it a long-term or short-term toilet system? Although an outhouse with a honey bucket or hand-dug pit is a cheap and easy option in the short term, it’s something you don’t want to use forever.
  • Does the toilet suit the temperature levels and climate where you live?
  • Is the toilet design legal in your area?

Can I have a Toilet Without a Drain?

Yes, you can use a Saniflo toilet even if there is no underground pipe to drain it. These toilet designs are adaptable to almost any location and allow for use almost anywhere. They offer an advantage over standard toilets, which cannot work if there is no plumbing system in place.

Can you install a toilet without a plumber?

If you’re an experienced DIYer who has good plumbing skills and the necessary tools, installing a toilet yourself is probably a great option. You will save money by installing your own toilet. You will also feel good about doing it yourself.

How do I install a toilet without a drain?

If you cannot access a drain in your house, you will have to install a toilet that does not require water to flush or a toilet that uses a macerating pump. They look similar to standard toilets but are much more expensive. Saniflo, 800-571-8191, manufactures many different types of toilets for people who do not have a standard drain. Some of these toilets can be used as a drain for a sink (to get rid of so-called gray water).

These toilets grind up the waste that is pumped out of them; they are also known as macerating toilets. When you flush your toilet, an impeller grinds up the waste water that is produced by the toilet. The waste water is then pumped up and out to a drain. These powerful pumps can move wastewater up to 12 feet upwards (or even 140 feet horizontally) from a sewer to another drain.

Bottom Line

It’s entirely possible to have a complete bathroom with no extra plumbing. Some upflush toilet designs allow you to connect a sink and even shower drain to the outflow system without the need to build a new plumbing system.

Smith Edwards

Smith Edwards is a licensed plumber and writer with over a decade of hands-on construction and home improvement experience and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years.

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