Best Toilet With Built-In Bidet And Dryer

To some people, anything that is expensive, out of reach, and perhaps unaffordable to them is luxurious. To others, something that makes you overly too comfortable, regardless of its design or size, is a luxury. How would you define a luxurious toilet unit that comes fitted with modern features such as a built-in bidet and dryer? In this guide, we highlight what features make up the best toilet with built-in bidet and dyer and how to choose one for your bathroom.

Modern toilets that come with a nightlight, heated toilet seats, and auto flush function can make your next visit to the bathroom more comfortable on a winter night. A bidet toilet and dryer will make the small moments you visit the toilets very impactful on how you end up feeling. We have put together a list plus a quick guide on how to get your hands on the best model that’ll satisfy your needs.

Top Five Toilets With Built-In Bidet and Dryer

1. Best Overall: TOTO SW3036#01 K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

This is a great unit that is perfect for people who are looking for lower-budget toilets. The toilet offers you excellent value for money. Since it’s a new release from TOTO, it has a powerful dryer just like the more expensive options such as the s550e. 

With an airflow of 10.24 ft3/min, you can rest assured that the dryer will be effective enough. The three temperature setting options are also sufficient enough. The toilet, just like its s550e counterpart, has other awesome features such as tankless water heating, energy time-saving, and a wide front cleanse option.

The unit comes with a SoftClose heated bidet seat that is not only comfortable but also designed to avoid unnecessary slamming, especially at night. It also has a premist feature that prevents waste from sticking to the surface of the bowl and thus making cleaning a breeze.

Key Features 

  • Weighs 14.5 pounds
  • Measures 20.88 x 15.13 x 5.19 inches
  • 2 AA batteries required
  • Elongated shape 
  • Self-Cleaning Wand
  • Cotton White in color
  • ‎120 Volts 
  • Made from Plastic
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • High quality, durable design
  • Manufacturer One Year Limited warranty
  • Affordable
  • You’ll need additional fittings for wall-hung toilet installations.

2. Best Runner Up: TOTO WASHLET+ Vespin II Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet and WASHLET C100 Bidet Seat

This TOTO toilet has a skirted design that conceals the trapway and thus enhances the sleekness of the unit. The toilet features TOTO’s powerful TORNADO FLUSH, a hole-free rim design that creates a centrifugal cleaning action that aids the rinsing of the toilet’s bowl. That is to ensure the bowl is thoroughly cleaned when you flush the waste down the drain. Furthermore, it’s a water-efficient toilet that’ll save you some money because it only consumes 1.28 GPF. 

Moreover, the unit has a CEFIONTECT glaze that makes cleaning the bowl much easier as compared to the other toilets in its price range. It has a WASHLET PREMIST that ensures that waste doesn’t adhere to the walls of the bowl for easier cleaning. The toilet has a Universal Height that s comfortable for a wide range of users. 

The unit has soft rear spray, rear cleanse, and front cleanse options. The toilet’s controls are conveniently located on an arms control panel. Some of the controls that you’ll find very comfortable on the toilet are the adjustable temperature and pressure controls; you have up to three temperature settings and five pressure settings to take utilize on this toilet. The toilet has a heated SoftClose seat that makes it comfortable for users, especially during the cold nights of the winter months.

Key Features

  • Made from Vitreous China 
  • Consumes 1.28 GPF
  • Measures 28.31 x 16.25 x 30 inches
  • Weighs 75 Pounds
  • TOTO’s powerful TORNADO FLUSH Heated SoftClose seat
  • CEFIONTECT glaze
  • Elongated in shape
  • ‎One Year Limited Warranty
  • Compliments different bathroom styles
  • Saves Water
  • Heated seat
  • Premist spray and CEFIONTECT glaze for easier cleaning
  • Skirted design for increased sophistication
  • Some of the additional items for installation ought to be bought separately.

3. Best Motion Activated: KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing Skirted One-Piece Elongated Toilet 

This is a great smart toilet that comes with a touchscreen remote control feature that helps users control all their personal preferences by adjusting a few settings on the unit. It’s a very hygienic toilet that allows you to enjoy the bidet cleaning functionality, a heated seat, and an air dryer after each use. The unit comes with a nightlight feature that ensures you don’t end up knocking yourself on the bathroom walls at night as you stumble into the bathroom at night. 

The LED nightlight makes the experience even more comfortable, as you can clearly see the bowl. Its motion-activated toilet seat is designed to avoid bothering you as it can open and close when you approach and leave the toilet. The personalized settings of the toilet allow users to control the toilet’s water temperature, heated seat, and air dryer according to their preferred customizations. It has an elongated shape, making it comfortable for taller users and great for smaller bathrooms considering that it’s a tankless unit with a standard rough-in size of 12 inches.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally, and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Key Features 

  • White in color
  • Measures 25 x 22 x 32 inches
  • Made from Vitreous China
  • Weighs 110 Pounds
  • Nightlight functionality
  • ‎1.28 GPF
  • Wall-Mounted installation option
  • WaterSense certified
  • LCD remote control
  • Carbon filter for neutralizing odors
  • The self-rinsing bidet wand
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Offers a hygienic experience
  • Water-efficient
  • Space-saving
  • A little expensive

4. Best Luxurious: Toto Washlet s550e

This is one of the most luxurious TOTO washlets on the market. The main features of this classic TOTO toilet include an auto flush option, nightlight, electrolyzed water eWater+, bidet, warm air dryer, and a closing lid. The eWater+ is a disinfectant that cleans the toilet bowl, and the spray wands for you.

The Toto S550e is a great bidet and dryer unit that you won’t regret buying. TOTO has fitted the unit with their own CEFIONTECT glaze to ensure cleaning the bowl is a breeze. The toilet has a warm air dryer and air deodorizer that ensures everything runs smoothly and hygienically every time you visit the bathroom.

This toilet has a premist feature for ensuring that solid waste doesn’t stick to the surface of the bowl by misting the bowl before using it. Its dryer offers you five temperature options to pick from and blows out air at a rate of 10.24 ft3/min.

Key Features 

  • Cotton white in color
  • Made from plastic 
  • Measures 
  • 20.69 x 15.06 x 5 inches
  • Oval in shape
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • 2 AA batteries required
  • Elongated Classic
  • 120 Volts
  • Manufacturer one-year limited warranty.
  • The Elongated Classic is very comfortable for taller individuals
  • Dries a user in around a minute and a half
  • A premist feature for enhanced cleanliness
  • Expensive

5. Best Budget: Bio Bidet BB600

Even though this is an entry-level bidet unit, it has an air dryer. In addition, the toilet has dual motor-powered nozzles that allow users precision when washing. The available range of modes of the Bio Bidet BB600.

It also includes the oscillating, auto massage, and the kids’ mode. Furthermore, since the motor infuses bubbles into your unit’s spray, you’ll be using a very little amount of water yet get an effective cleansing effect.

Its dryer runs at 250 watts and has five temperature settings, just like the other modern TOTO washlets. The warmer air on this toilet provides you with faster drying times. 

Key Features 

  • Elongated shape 
  • Measures 20.47 x 18.4 x 5.6 inches
  • Dual motor-powered nozzles 
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • White in color
  • Plastic Bidets
  • Air dryer
  • 5 Amps
  • 120 Volts
  • An eco-friendly energy saving toilet
  • Bubble infusion technology that saves water
  • Two-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • The dual nozzle option is great for the entire family.
  • Takes a little longer to effectively dry the user

Why Opt For A Toilet With Bidet And Dryer?

Well, while bidets are not that new in the sanitary ware industry, they’re not as popular in North America as is the case in Asia, Europe, and S. America. In essence, a bidet allows you to cleanse using water after finishing your business in the toilet instead of toilet paper. A dryer will completely eliminate the need for toilet paper. 

This means investing in a toilet with a bidet and dryer eliminates the need for any reaching down, and that will lessen the time you spend in the bathroom on each of your next visits. Aside from the convenience, the combo is considered to be more hygienic compared to their traditional toilet design counterparts. It’s a very comfortable toilet because once a user gets a soft splash from the bidet, the dyer’s warm air gently dries him or her up.

Traditional toilet designs with sprayer bidets don’t have dyers, warmed water, and heated seats like their modern alternatives. The modern-day versions of the toilets with bidet and dryer that you’ll find in luxurious hotels and modern homes come fitted with these luxurious features for increased comfort. Moreover, the modern bathroom fixtures have a modern design that easily matches a wide range of bathroom décor options.

Choosing The Right Bidet Toilet Combo

When looking to invest in a toilet with a bidet and dryer, there are several factors to consider, such as:


These toilet designs are mainly constructed to match modern-day bathroom styles. Therefore, if you’re looking for a toilet that’ll perfectly fit the bathroom décor of your modern commercial or residential property, then ensure the design is sleek and modern.


While sleeker toilets tend to be more expensive compared to their traditional counterparts due to the additional sophisticated features, you can still find a comfortable unit that doesn’t dent your financials. Shop around widely until you find a unit that is not too complex and affordable enough if you’re operating on a tight budget. But, if the price is not a serious consideration for you, go all out in looking for the most sophisticated features that’ll offer you an out-of-this-world experience.


While the main features to focus on here include the bidet and the dryer, a majority of toilets with these features also have other extra features such as heated seats, remote control functionality, LED nightlight, soft close capability, and automatic flushing. These are just some of the main features to focus on when looking for a modern-day toilet that’ll save you water. 

Toilets with built-in bidets and dryers have various luxurious features you should check out when you start shopping for a new toilet. While not all toilet makers design their toilets with all the expected modern features, you can always find a model that fits you and your family. Here is a detailed look at the features to consider checking out.

1. Dual Nozzles

A toilet that has dual nozzles offers you more comfort for rear and front cleaning options. You can find a combo toilet model that uses a single nozzle, articulating efficiently to provide coverage. On the other hand, toilets with dual nozzles allow you to use both the front and rear washing options. That means that each of the toilet’s nozzles can singly perform its purpose effectively. We noticed that most of the customers left very positive reviews about the toilets with bidets that have dual nozzles.

2. Heated Toilet Seat

Imagine visiting the bathroom and sitting on a cold toilet seat during the cold months of winter! You cannot understate the comfort that a heated toilet seat provides. A good model has adjustable heat settings that allow for less warming during the hotter summer months. That means you’ll comfortably enjoy visiting the bathroom in the wintertime.

Smart toilet
Smart toilet

3. Nightlight

This is a game-changer in the world of sanitary ware as users don’t have to turn on the bathroom when they want to use the toilet at night. The soft lighting is fitted within the toilet to show a user the way. In fact, some models have LED lights that have different colors when they light up. 

You’ll be surprised at how the nightlight will transform the bathroom experience when you visit the bathroom at night, as you won’t have to use torches anymore at night. Imagine how comfortable it’ll be if you combine this feature with warmed water, dual bidet nozzles, an air dryer, and heated seats during the cold nights of wintertime.

4. Warmed water

Even though the water that comes from the bidet nozzles is always expected to be clean and fresh, some models warm the water before it’s delivered for cleaning. As a user, you have an allowance of customizing the water temperature to your liking by using the variable heat settings on the unit. A toilet that delivers warm water through the nozzles is much more comfortable than one that delivers coldish water.

5. Remote Control 

A toilet that comes with an intuitive remote control capability is great if you’re overly sensitive when it comes to bathroom hygiene. Some people can’t stand the feeling of touching the toilet flushing lever or push button, especially if it’s not in their own homes. A remote control option allows a user to adjust the adjustable features with ease right at his/her fingertips. The bidet control panel can also be strategically housed in a ‘remote control holder.’ This means you can easily access the remote control without worrying about losing it.

6. Air Dryer

This is a critical feature that you should always look out for when shopping for a combo model with a built-in bidet and dryer. The air dryer delivers a burst of warm air after you finish washing to end the bidet cleaning experience pleasantly. Thankfully, some sleeker models allow you to adjust the direction of the airflow or the air temperature to make the cleaning experience even more customizable.

7. Adjustable Water Pressure

Some combo toilet models have adjustable water pressure capabilities. That means you can adjust the water pressure to your liking so you can get the best cleaning experience once you finish your business in the toilet. A toilet that allows you more customizable opportunities is way far more comfortable as you can get the most out of your investment.

8. Low Flow Toilet

Some modern smart toilet models are designed to deliver as little water as possible per flush. A low-flow toilet uses the least amount of water, making it a water-efficient unit. That doesn’t mean that the cleaning won’t be efficient! The toilet meets EPA standards. Such a unit will help you save some quick bucks on your monthly water bill.

9. Auto Flush

Some toilet models come fitted with auto flushing technologies that utilize a motion sensor. Once you finish your business in the bathroom, the sensor will sense that you’ve left and automatically activate the flushing system. Therefore, you don’t have to touch any flushing system, especially when you visit public toilets in commercial buildings. The auto flush technology ensures you maintain your hygiene because you don’t have to touch dirty flushing levers or push buttons.

10. Automatic Toilet Seat

Some toilets with built-in bidet and dryer have other motion sensor features in their toilet seats. That means your toilet seat will automatically lift when it detects you are approaching the unit and lower the seat when you leave the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about loud slamming toilet seats that can be a disturbance at night to the people sleeping in the rooms near the bathroom.


How do I use a toilet with a built-in bidet and dryer?

With a little practice, you’ll start using the bidet toilet without any difficulty. All you need is to learn how to operate the control panel. Regardless of whether you need the front and rear washing options, you won’t find it hard selecting the wash option you like to make the washing experience as comfortable as possible. For a more accurate cleaning, you should properly aim the water spray direction. After you finish cleaning, select the button of the warm air drying option and wait for the drying to complete.

Are bidets and air dryers sanitary?

While some people may argue that bidets are not sanitary, we found several positive reviews from users who truly praised the two features. They are more comfortable and sanitary compared to the toilet paper option you’ll find in most regular bathrooms.

How does the bidet water function?

Bidet water is fresh, germ-free, and clean. It doesn’t come from the toilet “dirty” toilet bowl as some people suggest! Instead, the water comes from freshwater pipes that also fill your toilet tank.

Wrap Up

Investing in a toilet with a built-in bidet and dryer will transform your experiences each time you visit the bathroom. In addition, it’ll greatly increase the value of your property if you consider selling it in the future. Most modern-day toilet designs are designed to save homeowners because they consume as little water as possible per flush and open up a lot of space in the bathroom after installation. Consider going for a tankless toilet design that you’ll mount on the wall and get to enjoy unmatchable luxurious experiences such as heated seats, intuitive remote control functionality, LED nightlights, bidets, and air dryers. Feel free to share your experiences with using these modern toilet designs in our comments section below.

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