Are Woodbridge Toilets Good?

Woodbridge toilets are some of the bestselling toilets in the market today. Woodbridge Bath, the manufacturer of Woodbridge toilets, is headquartered in Cerritos, California. The company has a global reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality bathroom and kitchen products. So, if you are in the market for a quality and durable toilet with global standing, Woodbridge toilets are your best bet. But are Woodbridge toilets good?

Of course, YES. Some outstanding features that set apart Woodbridge toilets from other toilet brands include:

Cutting Edge Technology

If you are looking for a toilet with a great set of technologies that significantly enhance your convenience as a user, Woodbridge products are your best choice. Essentially, different Woodbridge toilets have varying technologies that invariably affect the price of individual units. In a nutshell, the price of different Woodbridge toilets is predicated on the number and sophistication of different technologies embedded in the toilets.

If you are willing to spare no expense in purchasing a Woodbridge toilet, one of the most convenient technologies you might find on a Woodbridge product is automatic lid opening and closing. The intelligent toilet feature opens the bowl lid as you move closer to the toilet. Also, the technology allows the lid to close a few minutes after you leave the toilet automatically. 

Foot Sensor Technology & Automatic Flushing

The second technology you might find on some Woodbridge toilets includes foot sensor technology. The technology features a foot sensor area where you can place your foot to open or close the toilet lid. Essentially, the foot sensor technology allows you to operate the toilet hands-free. 

Automatic flushing constitutes an additional technology that allows you to operate some high-end Woodbridge toilets hands-free. Woodbridge toilets with this technology activate a spray wand and a self-cleaning bidet once you stand up from the toilet seat. A powerful flush ordinarily follows this activation, leaving your toilet sparkling clean. 

Pulsating wash, posterior wash, and feminine wash technologies constitute other technologies that you can look out for in Woodbridge toilets. The technologies enhance your convenience by allowing you to adjust the water temperature and pressure. Also, the technologies embrace the highest hygiene levels since they come with filtered water that has zero impurities. In essence, the technologies mentioned above are highly desirable because they eliminate the need for toilet paper in your bathroom

Automatic Deodorization and Seat Warming

When shopping for a Woodbridge toilet, toilet seat warming and automatic deodorization are technologies you can check. Woodbridge toilets with this technology incorporate a lightless catalyst that triggers a catalytic chemical reaction in lightless conditions, converts particulates into harmless byproducts, and eliminates air pollutants to attain air purification. Essentially, the technology saves you the extra costs of buying artificial air fresheners.

Instant warming constitutes a vital technology you should consider when purchasing Woodbridge toilets. It is worth noting that Woodbridge toilets that come with this technology have specially designed heated seats that include temperature controls. In addition, instant warning technology also includes a powerful air dryer that keeps you warm. This technology is ideal if you live in an area with colder winter seasons.

Water Conservation

Woodbridge Bath considers your water conservation needs in the design and manufacture of their toilets. As a result, different Woodbridge toilets have diverse specifications geared towards reducing your water usage in the bathroom. The first specification includes dual flush technology. It is worth noting that this technology allows you to conserve water by choosing between a light flush and a full flush. 

Essentially, a light flush is ideal for getting rid of liquid waste, while a full flush is suitable for getting rid of solid waste. In Woodbridge toilets, dual flush technology comes in either one of two configurations. The first design includes a lever that you can pull up for a light flush or pull down to achieve a full flush. The second configuration ordinarily includes two buttons placed on top of the cistern. Each of the buttons serves a specific purpose, allowing you to choose between a full and a light flush. 

Some Woodbridge toilets also feature tornado flush technology that allows you to conserve water per flush. Toilets with this technology incorporate a toilet bowl design that gives water flowing from the toilet cistern a powerful swirl for maximum efficiency. Tornado flush technology allows you to achieve optimal water usage by using just the right amount of water to remove all stains on the bowl surface. Notably, Woodbridge toilets with tornado flush technology typically use less than 1.3 gallons per flush. 

Comfort and Convenience

Woodbridge toilets are great because they have features and specifications that enhance your overall comfort and convenience as a user. For example, the toilets have a comfort height that allows you to stand up and sit on the toilet seat with ease. Notably, comfort height is approximately 17 to 19 inches tall. 

An additional feature in Woodbridge toilets that enhances your comfort includes an elongated seat. In essence, this feature allows users with varying weights and heights to use Woodbridge toilets comfortably. Finally, the last key feature that enhances convenience in Woodbridge toilets includes the position of the flushing button. Woodbridge Bath ordinarily places the flushing button on the top of the cistern for easy and convenient access. 

Stylish and Modern Appearance

If you are in the marketplace for a toilet with a sleek, stylish, and modern look, then a Woodbridge toilet is your best bet. Woodbridge toilets have a smooth ceramic finish that gives them a stylish and modern appearance. Moreover, the manufacturer incorporates various features on different toilets, depending on their price range. 

For example, some high-end Woodbridge toilets feature gold-plated flushing buttons that give them a contemporary appearance. Lastly, all Woodbridge toilets’ contours, shape, design, color, and configuration give them a trendy and elegant look. 

Top-Rated Woodbridge Toilets 

1. Best Overall: WOODBRIDGE B0500-B/N Toilet, with Brushed Nickel Button

Are you looking for the top-rated Woodbridge toilet that has a vast array of technologies and features for your convenience and comfort? Then this product is your best choice. The toilet has a clean and sleek appearance that gives your bathroom a contemporary feel. Also, the unit’s white color blends in with your bathroom interior. 

Woodbridge designed the toilet with your hygiene and cleaning needs in mind. In essence, the bowl includes a skirted trap that makes it easier to clean it. Moreover, the toilet does not have grooves that make it difficult for you to scrub the toilet bowl. Lastly, the toilet’s fully glazed flushing system gives it a quiet and effective flush that curtails leaks and clogs. 

WOODBRIDGE B0500-B/N Toilet, with Brushed Nickel Button

Key Features

  • The unit is white. 
  • Its cistern features a brushed nickel flushing button. 
  • The toilet is made of stainless steel. 
  • The entire unit weighs 152 pounds. 
  • Its bowl has a round shape.


  • The toilet’s comfort height makes it ideal for adult users.
  • Its one-piece configuration makes it more durable and less prone to breakages and leaks.
  • The toilet’s pre-installed water fittings make it easier to install in your bathroom. 
  • Its stainless steel material makes it easy to clean. 


  • Toilet’s one-piece configuration makes it cumbersome and difficult to transport. 

2. Best Runner-Up: Woodbridge B0500-2/T-0031L T-0031 One Piece Soft Closing Seat Toilet

This product is the best choice if you are in the marketplace for a luxurious and contemporary Woodbridge toilet whose elegant design complements your bathroom interiors. The toilet’s one-piece configuration gives it a compact height that gives your bathroom extra space. Also, the toilet’s comfort height makes it comfortable and convenient to use. 

The unit includes various features and specifications that make it easier to install. First, it has a pre-installed toilet seat and water fittings that make it easier to install. Second, the toilet comes with a wax ring, a specialized hand wrench for tightening floor bolts in tight spaces, and installation instructions. 

Woodbridge B0500-2/T-0031L T-0031 One Piece Soft Closing Seat Toilet

Key Features


  • The toilet’s packaging makes it easier to install.
  • Its porcelain materials make it easy to clean.
  • The bowl’s comfort height ensures that it is ADA compliant. 


  • The unit’s relatively heavy weight makes it challenging to move around. 


Are you looking for the most affordable Woodbridge toilet with a top rating? Then this toilet is your best bet. The toilet has all the standard features of a modern toilet, and its relatively low price gives it a competitive advantage. Notably, the toilet compromises on many high-end features to achieve its price point. 

The toilet features a top-quality seat that caters to your comfort needs. Moreover, the toilet’s chrome-plated flushing button gives it a flattering, timeless, and sophisticated appearance. In essence, the chrome plating blends perfectly with modern bathroom accessories such as taps and showerheads. 


Key Features

  • The unit is white. 
  • The toilet is made of brass material. 
  • Its cistern features a chrome flushing button. 
  • The unit weighs 151 pounds. 


  • The toilet’s one-piece configuration makes it easy to install and less susceptible to breakages.
  • It’s relatively affordable compared to other Woodbridge toilets. 


  • Difficult to transport.

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